Party, outdoor even procedures revised

Last week Doug Schiazza, director of Campus Life, announced changes to the way students can initiate events planning.

Previously, students had to turn in a form stating their intentions for an event by Wednesday at 4 p.m. the week of the event. Now, the same information can be submitted via e-mail or online form. Schiazza said he has already noticed that students are now turning in their events planning information earlier.

Parties held outdoors now must shut down their amplified entertainment by midnight, according to Schiazza. While parties may continue after midnight, any live entertainment or DJing must be shut down by then. The new policy came as an agreement between the Williamstown Police Department (WPD) and the College after the WPD announced its intentions to enforce a stricter policy on noise complaints.

Schiazza explained that the new policy does not preclude the WPD from shutting down parties before midnight. He expressed hope that the concept of an early ending hour will deter nearby residents from trying to induce a party shutdown by submitting noise complaints before midnight.

According to Schiazza, some students have expressed concern that the new end time will prevent successful execution of outdoors events. To quell these concerns, he suggested beginning parties at an earlier hour or offering an after-party at an alternative soundproof location.

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