Jae’s Inn closed its doors as of late June

Jae’s Inn on Route 7 in Williamstown closed its doors indefinitely in late June for renovation work. If the restaurant reopens, however, owner Jae Chung will no longer be involved, citing problems between himself and business partners Todd Lincoln and Walter Hayn.

In an interview with the North Adams Transcript, Chung declined to go into detail about the dissolution of his partnership with Lincoln and Hayn, who owned and operated the inn and restaurant under the name “Le Jardin” before Chung’s arrival. “I don’t know what they are going to do,” he was quoted as saying.

While the sign with the Jae’s Inn logo has been taken down from the Route 7 branch, Chung’s signature Korean cuisine and sushi can still be found elsewhere in the area.

He has reopened his branch of Jae’s Inn at the Curran Highway inn and spa in North Adams, where recent renovations include a relocation of the kitchen and an expansion of the dining hall.

Chung also reopened his restaurant, Captain’s Tavern, in Adams, and partnered with the owners of the defunct restaurant, Spice, in Pittsfield to open a new establishment, Jae’s Spice, in mid July.

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