WWRFC ends with draws

For the last Saturday of its spring season, the WWRFC got up at the crack of dawn to drive to Hanover, N.H. for a round-robin tournament against Dartmouth and Middlebury. While the team wanted to crush both opponents, there was an extra incentive to defeat the Big Green – the Dartmouth team is in the New England rugby league’s Div. I, which Williams was questionably bumped out of this past year. After getting ready in Dartmouth’s “bajillion-dollar” clubhouse and drooling over the idea of attending a school where alumnae can finance rugby clubhouses without any red tape nonsense, the White Dawgs were ready to prove that Williams will always be a rugby powerhouse and a highly respected club as well.

As soon as they kicked off, Dartmouth knew that they had clearly underestimated the strength and experience of the Williams team. Williams dominated the first half, showing exceptional tackling and cohesive rucking. Despite rainy conditions, the line managed to catch slippery passes without much difficulty, and after a couple of key rucking cycles, line captain Kim Dacres ’08 decided it would probably be a good time to put some points on the board. Picking the ball from behind a ruck, she used her trademark high-knee running style to knock a couple girls in the stomach before diving into the try zone to score.

Dartmouth’s controversial try at the end of the first half tied the game, but Williams continued to pound away on defense in the second half. Neither team would score again, but the tied score of 5-5 is substantial evidence that Williams can compete in Div. I rugby.

In the games on Saturday, Bethany Baker ’10 managed to fulfill her lifelong dream of getting an intimidating goose-egg black eye. This oddly paralleled Baker’s classmate Jacquita Richardson ’10’s black eye from last Saturday, which she insisted on wearing an eye patch over during the week to fulfill her similar dream of, yes it’s true, wearing an eye patch. If you see Baker or Richardson, please congratulate them on their successes.

The White Dawgs scurried straight from the Dartmouth match over to the other pitch where Middlebury awaited. Middlebury’s line possessed speed and seemed to really like to kick, much to the annoyance of Liz Hirschhorn ’08 in the backfield at fullback.

Middlebury managed to run the ball down the outside of the field to score a try, but Williams was not going to finish the last day of its season with a loss. Just before the halftime whistle, Leah Lansdowne ’11 muscled through the Middlebury pack to score her very first try. The match ended the same way the Dartmouth game had, with a score of 5-5, leaving Williams with a final record of 4-1-2.

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