One in 2000

In the last issue of the school year, the current editor-in-chief salutes the graduating former editor-in-chief by interviewing her in “One in 2000.” Per tradition, I sat down with Erin Brown ’08 – former “Recorder” extraordinaire, current critical theory thesis student and future leader of the free world – once she finds a job.

So Erin, with only a few weeks till graduation, have you been hit by a wave of nostalgia yet?

Not yet. I think it will probably hit while I’m drunk on the beach in Hilton Head. Right now it seems like most seniors are ready to blow this joint.

Seniors want to blow Billsville, the fun and sun capital of the world?!

As lovely as rain – and snow – is in May, I know I’m ready to move on to greener pastures, so to speak.

Well, I hear you’ve finished your thesis, so at least you’re one step closer to the proverbial blowing of the joint.

The proverbial blowing began yesterday with the end of my thesis defense … so, yes, it has arrived. Hopefully the proverbial wind blows me straight into the arms of an employer.

The strong arms of an employer – does your boyfriend know about this? And who is going to give you this professional embrace?

Your guess is as good as mine. I’ve had many flights of fancy about plans for next year, so there’s no telling where I’ll end up. I should mention, for the record, that I did have a job until last Friday. Who knew you could get fired before you started working?

I guess you have something in common with the Bear Stearns people now. What happened?

My boss got fired, and I got caught in the trickle-down effect. Eh, I should probably look for a more conservative employment opportunity – working for a nonprofit in San Francisco reeks of hippie. But, you know, being from California, I am attracted to that kind of thing.

Well, now that they’re drawing to a close, describe your last four years at Williams in seven words.

I’ll chalk up my seven words to the angst of senior spring: “Should have gone to college at Berkeley.”

That’s also pretty hippie. But enough talk about boring jobs and roads not taken. Let’s talk boys …

Oh, there are so many. And by many – I clearly mean one.

Constantine Mavroudis ’08, correct? Don’t you think it is a little presumptuous to name your son after an emperor?

I mean, if you’re going to name a kid after an emperor, do it right. He did build that arch we learn about in art history, and he did spread Christianity through the Roman Empire – oh, and he did complete an Ironman. So, maybe it fits.

Ironman or not, I think Constantine may have a little competition. I saw “Erin is sexy!” written on one of the Sawyer monkey carrels today. And from the bold and erratic pencil marking I could tell that it was written at the height of passion.

That’s so creepy! It must be about a different Erin. Was it really in the monkey carrels?

Love knows no bounds, Erin.

Apparently not. Whoever this “sexy Erin” is, she certainly has herself an admirer.

Speaking of admiration, you’re a longtime fan of the Record. There’s a story that circulated among the ’06s about a 16-year-old girl who had a dream –

Oh man, I can’t believe you’re asking about this. It’s so embarrassing.

Come on, Erin. This is the first story I heard about you when I came on the board.

Okay, alright. When I was a junior in high school, I e-mailed Hayley Wynn ’06 with tons of questions about going to Williams and working on the newspaper and buying winter coats – I was a little intense. Anyway, when asking about the newspaper, I accidentally referred to it as “The Williams Recorder,” which cracked her up. She threatened to send my old e-mails out to the Record listserv once I came on the board. But I guess my legacy is that Record editors have been called “Recorders” ever since.

On a scale of nine to 10 – nine being an unfathomable amount and 10 being incapacitated by grief – how much do you think you will miss us next year?

Oh, the Record? Like, an 11. It’s one of my favorite things about Williams! I’ve been lost this semester without my late Tuesday nights.

So with your post-graduation plans still up in the air, will you be going back to California in June?

Yes, back to my house of misfit pets. Rescuing animals is a proud tradition in the Brown family. We’re a bunch of softies who have somehow accumulated, a 13-year-old albino goldfish named Jonathan, two spoiled dogs – Maggie and Charlie – and a desert tortoise named Speed.

I hear desert tortoises are delicious – uh, I mean, great pets.

Nice, Kevin. You just lost your invitation to the Brown household – which hopefully doesn’t cost me my invitation to the Homecoming tailgate. Will you still put a special Record burger on the grill for me?

Clearly. And you can even have some of my world-famous terrapin stew.

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