Choir and orchestra impress with Bach piece

The performance we attended Friday evening by the Williams Concert Choir and Orchestra of the Bach B Minor Mass was extraordinary – indeed better than performances we’ve heard in recent years by professional ensembles in Boston.

There were lots of heroes of this performance: on the top of the list were Bach himself, the choir members, who sang their hearts out, the soloists and Brad Wells, who, refusing to be intimidated by the excesses of the period’s instruments or the historically informed performance movement, put together a performance more spiritually moving than that movement normally produces.

The orchestra was superb, most notably the lower strings/organ continue, oboe, brass – and how about that undergraduate tympani player, Tina Wong!

This had to be a life changing experience for at least a few of the undergraduates fortunate enough to be part of this performance.

Jim Levinson

Louise Cochran

Marlboro, Vt.

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