WWRFC routs Jeffs, 27-0

Ask an Amherst rugby player what her profession is and she’ll say, “I’m a college student.” Ask a Williams rugby player the same question and she’ll say, “Well I’m a wing, but sometimes I play fullback.” The WWRFC realized this fundamental difference between the two teams after watching the film 300 the night before their Amherst match. The team naturally identified with the Spartan warriors and thundered onto the pitch with war whoops, proceeding to mercilessly destroy Amherst 27-0. Amherst brought students who play rugby, but in true Spartan fashion, the WWRFC brought soldiers.

Breaking a 25-year tradition, the Amherst squad said it had “no interest” in betting its black jerseys for the match, refusing to bet a mere five with the five Williams seniors. Williams, already swearing to win in honor of their beloved injured presitant Liz Pierce ’08, decided to send a message to the Amherst team that insulting tradition is never a good idea. The White Dawgs proceeded to have three of their four healthy seniors score trys in their final battle against the ’Herst.

Williams was on the scoreboard within minutes as rookie Sarah Franklin ’10 delivered a beautiful kick for three points from behind the 22. Kim Dacres ’08, the team’s revered line captain, tackled everyone in sight and commanded her line with confidence. Receiving a pass from scrumhalf and DTTO queen Hannah Rosenthal ’10 off of a ruck, Dacres motored through countless attempted tackles and slammed the ball down in the try zone, letting out a battle cry so terrifying that Amherst had to stop the game briefly to change their scrum shorts.

Dacres’ try was followed by a try from chief of protocol Liz Hirschhorn ’08, who took a break from rigorous scrummie duties to try her hand at not messing up the line entirely. Alessandra LaFiandra ’08 popped the ball to Hirschhorn at outside, just behind the five meter mark, and Hirschhorn ran the ball into the try zone to score. Franklin made the conversion kick and upped the score to 12-0.

Next, the team’s feisty scrum captain Jess Beck ’08 took a break from being a one-woman rucking machine to metaphorically punch Amherst in the face via a try of her own. Beck grabbed the ball from behind a ruck and used her compact 5’3” frame to dash through the legs of helpless Amherst girls and touch the ball down to add another five points to the steadily climbing score.

Another conversion kick from Franklin kept the momentum on the Williams side. By the time Rosenthal ran the ball laterally along the five meter line and then cut hard to the left to score a final try, Amherst knew they had brought dishonor and shame upon their club forever in their refusal to bet.

Williams emerged jersey-less but victorious with phenomenal contributions from every player, leaving the White Dawgs fired up to give Dartmouth’s Div. I team a run for its money on Saturday.

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