WRFC crushes Trinity, 38-18

At the end of the men’s rugby games in Hartford, Conn. last weekend, a keen alumnus pointed out a spot across the street from the pitch where he had witnessed a gang shooting. A more recent student referenced a stabbing at the same location. This site has witnessed many ghetto beat-downs throughout its history, the most recent being the WRFC’s 38-18 victory over the Trinity Bantams.

In the first twenty minutes of the game, the White Dawgs made mince meat of the Bantams, pounding down the field again and again. Three tries were scored in the opening quarter by Brandon Lucien ’08, Max Blackburn ’10 and Taylor Nelp ’09. At this point, the White Dawgs had the opportunity to put the game away for good but they failed to capitalize on their chances as JV All-American soccer star Martin Sawyer ’08 knocked on twice in the try zone. Still, they held on and Blackburn ’10 scored another try before half to bring the tally to 24-3.

The Bantams came out hard in the second half. They drove down the field and were able to score a try. Williams was quick to respond as Frank Bergold ’09 plowed his way through the opposition, scoring his virgin try.

“It felt great to get in there” said Bergold. “Now that I’ve done it once, I am definitely going to score much more often.”

Thomas Miller ’08 followed Bergold’s example with a run down the line for a try. For the rest of the game, Williams and Trinity went back and forth until Trinity scored one final try as time ran out.

Due to the lack of a full B-side, the Killer B’s found themselves playing a Trinity side stocked with a number of A-siders. Despite this unexpected adversity, the B’s played tough in their 27-7 loss.

The only points for the B’s came as Charles Toomajian ’11 intercepted a pass, running it back to the five-meter line before offloading it to Ben Peskoe ’10, who ran it into the try zone.
After this, it was the B’s who took a beating as Peskoe and Bryant Renaud ’11 both had to leave the field due to head injuries and ailments. With stars circling his head after taking a hit, Peskoe asked, “Did I score?”

Unfortunately, the answer was no. He was nowhere near the try zone.

The White Dawgs were scheduled to play Amherst this weekend, but the Black Donkeys forfeited preemptively after admitting they couldn’t field even an A-side, not to mention a B team. The default victory puts an anticlimactic cap to an undefeated season, as the WRFC will finish 4-0.

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