Style Pop Quiz

I found Chessie Jackson ’11 hanging out with her friends in Paresky.

Can you tell me about what you are wearing today?

I’m wearing J. Crew jeans – J. Crew makes a killer tall. Umm, a Roxy shirt – that’s a California thing, I guess – and this leopard-printish sweater. Oh, and my bag is an original. My best friend’s mother made it. Polka dots are very adorable.

So I guess you are from California.

Yeah. I think being from California has definitely defined my style.

What did you think about the East Coast look when you got to Williams?

I think I found it a little weird. I haven’t given in to the pearl phenomenon yet. It’s tempting, but I decided to keep to my Cali roots. I own a Roxy camouflage print backpack. I kept it, and it’s definitely not East Coast style, but I still wear it.

What would your ideal guy be wearing?

Um, something interesting that will reel you in. And he has to be a tall guy!

How would you describe your look?

I guess as “California.” Not surfer chic, really. Just laid back, but put together in a chill way.

Do you surf?

I have surfed. I don’t do it regularly though. I feel like maybe I’m too tall.

Do you want to move back out West?

I definitely want to move back to California. It’s too cold here. I own very little winter clothing. If I ever see blue skies when I wake up, I don’t wear a coat.

I can tell you are already rocking the flip flops.

Oh yeah, I’ve been in flip flops for the past four weeks. I think I wore them into December last semester! They are pretty much my trademark accessory. I only take them off when there is snow on the ground. Then I can wear them no longer.

How many flip flops do you own?

I own ten pairs of flip flops, but my faves are my Reef flips with a sweet bottle opener on the bottom … Clutch.

What is the most random thing that you have ever bought?

The most random thing ever purchased was a pair of bright pink spandex pants for an 80s party. I wear them often.

Do you have any fashion icons?

Heidi Klum, obvi. I even got my hair cut like her. And on campus, Lindsay Millert [’09]. She is on our basketball team. She’s a diva.

What historic fashion era would you want to live in and why?

I would totally live in the 20s … flapper dresses and bright red lipstick. If I could pull it off today in Willytown, I’d be all over that.

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