WRFC wins JD tournament over St. Mike’s, UVM

At Saturday’s JD memorial tournament the WRFC triumphed over St. Mike’s Carrier Pigeons and the University of Vermont (UVM) Farmers for their first tournament title in years. The Killer B’s also played well with a win over St. Mike’s and a rough loss to UVM. On the next pitch over, several Olde Farte teams faced each other throughout the day in hilarious attempts to be as athletic as they were in their prime.

The Killer B’s started off the tournament with a strong performance against St. Mike’s. Fantastic play by the B line produced a virgin try for Thelonius “Monkey” T. Sam Samuelson ’11. Tries were also scored by Jack Rudolph ’11, Ian Murphy ’11 and James Kim ’10. Finally to commemorate his triumphant return to the pitch Toby Hall ’08 smoked the competition like it was a daily routine, scoring his first try in quite some time. Unfortunately, the scoring stopped for the B’s after St. Mike’s and they were shut out by a burly UVM team.
Like their B-side counterparts, the White Dawgs demolished St. Mike’s with a score of 38-5 sending the Carrier Pigeons flying home with broken wings.

Before the game, flanker Alex Horne ’08 described that his injured shoulder did not hurt with certain motions. He elaborated on his problem, “I just can’t get it up,” he said. Despite this statement, Horne’s performance was anything but flaccid as he scored one of the game’s five tries.

The pack dominated the game and forwards Max Blackburn ’10, Dave Aitoro ’09 and Nick Greer ’08 each had tries of their own. The only line try came from a heads up defensive play by captain Ted Wiles ’08, who ended his scoring drought by stealing the ball and galloping into the try zone like a horse to a water trough after weeks in the desert.
The White Dawgs started their game against UVM without scrum half Jose Pacas ’08 who sat out due to an injured ankle. Legend has it that at this moment, the feet of Kim grew three sizes in order to fill the enormous shoes that Pacas left behind. Whatever the truth, the White Dawgs were able to squeak out a close 11-7 victory over the Div. II powerhouse.

The game was hard fought and both teams put up impressive defensive stands. Finally, Taylor Nelp ’09 capitalized on two penalty kicks giving the White Dawgs a 6-0 lead going into the half. The second half was much more of a challenge as they attacked into gale force winds. “Today, a lesser man would fly a kite, but we played rugby,” said Head Coach Bruce Stephenson.

Brandon Lucien ’08 sealed the victory for the White Dawgs with a final try.

On the other pitch, every Olde Farte team emerged undefeated. The true identities of these men have long been lost and they only referred to themselves and others by the nicknames they sported in their careers at Williams. In one game, a man named Spider repeated his 2001 “Athlete of the Week” performance scoring seven tries.
In another game, the legendary Jade E XV team from the early 80s gave the younger Olde Fartes a run for their money in a game that lasted five minutes.

With an undefeated Olde Farte team and A-side, and a 1-1 B-side, Williams rugby is looking as strong as it ever has in its fifty years of existence. With this overall success, the club will now look forward to their games against Trinity and Amherst to solidify their newly found dominance.

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