Women’s crew takes Donohue Cup

Women’s crew brought home the Donahue Cup after defeating Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Conn. College and Simmons College last Saturday. In addition, the second varsity, third varsity, varsity four and novice four boats also posted victories.

The first varsity won by 18 seconds, followed by Simmons, WPI and Conn. College. The women had a strong race where at 500 meters in, they began pulling away from the other crews.

The second varsity had the unique opportunity to race rival Trinity in addition to Mount Holyoke and Smith. After gaining a lead right off the start, the Ephs and the Cardinals battled seat for seat for the entirety of the race. The women defeated Trinity by 1.5 seconds, and the two NESCAC crews were followed by Smith and Mount Holyoke.

“I think Trinity offered a really tenacious, competitive spirit,” Angela Crudele ’08 said. “They definitely pushed us hard down the race course.”

“We had a little bit of a Jekyll and Hyde week, and it was very nice to see that Dr. Jekyll showed up for the race,” Head Coach Justin Moore said. “Given the closeness of the race, I was also very pleased with how the women responded mentally and emotionally to the challenge.”

The women’s third varsity showed off the depth of the team in defeating Smith by 25 seconds. Trinity, Holy Cross and Mount Holyoke followed. The boat had open water on the other crews after the first 500 meters of the race.

The novice eight lost to Simmons by 0.4 seconds but defeated Conn. College and another Simmons boat.

The women also raced two fours, which they have not yet raced this season. The varsity four beat Simmons by nearly 14 seconds. A Conn. College boat, a Mount Holyoke boat and another Connecticut boat followed. The novice four won by 23 seconds, defeating Conn. College, Simmons and WPI.

Overall, the team showed its depth with great races. “I think if you have a good day of racing, you should enjoy it for the day and then show up on Monday ready to get better,” Moore said.

On Monday, the women returned to the now-thawed Onota Lake to practice.

On Saturday, the women will race on Onota Lake at the Little Three Regatta.

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