Style Pop Quiz

I found Ryan Dunfee ’09 eating breakfast at Snack Bar.

So, what do you have on today?

I’m wearing my Team Mexico jacket, running shorts and running shoes.

Have you ever lived in Mexico?

I did an abroad program in Cuernavaca.

Do you think living in Mexico has influenced your style?

Yeah, a little bit. I got this sweet silver belt buckle there that has cowboy boots and machetes on it. It’s pretty much the only belt I’ve worn since.

How do you think you would characterize your look?

Colorful. And seasonal.

Where do you like to shop?

I guess Zara and Nike.

Do you feel like fashion is not in high demand at Williams?

Yeah, it’s pretty easy to get away with a sweatshirt and jeans here. I just have fun wearing colorful clothes and stuff from Europe.

When were you in Europe?

I was in Barcelona last fall studying abroad. That’s where I went to Zara.

Your Spanish must be really good.
Yeah, it’s all right. It comes and goes.

Do you think you might live abroad?

Maybe. None of my plans have much to do with Spanish though. I want to live in Vancouver; I don’t know if that counts as abroad –

Why Vancouver?

It’s just a pretty cool, mid-sized city with a lot of skiing around it ”a cool environment.”

Do you think there are many ways to express your fashion when you are skiing?

Totally. Skiing and snowboarding are very image-conscious activities. There are a lot of opportunities to have fun when you are out there, like wearing ridiculous neon yellow jackets and bright red gloves.

What is your usual day-to-day wear?

A pair of jeans, this leather jacket I have and my scarf ” it’s kinda Middle Eastern looking ” throw on a t-shirt and some Nikes.

And for going out?

It’s pretty much the same deal.

Where are you from?

New Hampshire, actually, New! Hampshire.

New! Hampshire?

Yeah, New England pride. It’s this joke, my friends want to privatize the New England highway department and change the highways so that it’s impossible to get around and then no one new would come.

Any success yet?

Very limited, only theoretically.

Would you say that your fashion is more from New Hampshire or from living abroad?

Well, back home I have a really eclectic group of friends, not the norm for New Hampshire. When I’m on campus my style usually stays the same. It’s when I travel to New York or Barcelona that I change it up.

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