Afroman speaks on marijuana, drinking

Afroman is chill, so when he called me back for this interview – two days late – I forgave him immediately. I hear weed makes one forgetful anyway.

Ethan Timmins-Schiffman (ETS): So how did you like giving the concert Saturday night?

Afroman (A): It was fun, man.

ETS: I only knew you as a rapper and I was surprised to see you playing the guitar for most of the show.

A: What most people don’t know is that “Because I Got High” helped me and hurt me at the same time: I’m not some idiot who just raps about weed.

ETS: A lot of your lyrics are about weed and drinking.

A: Yeah, but it’s all about wordplay, you know? It’s how you talk about it. With my –wordplay, I’m the rapping drunk. [laughs]

ETS: So the delivery and the way you say the words is just as important as the words themselves?

A: That’s what I’m saying. I’m not going to talk about killing people – I’m Burger King, I’m not gonna sell you a Big Mac.

ETS: So it’s all about keeping it real.

A: I’m just going to be the goofy person that I am. I can still suck if I’m real. [He drops a freestyle rap] Afroman caravan/ all across the land/ dancing to music, banging and abusing.

ETS: Okay. So I’ve been listening to a lot of your songs and I think that what you say about marijuana is a partisan argument that carefully examines the benefits of legalizing medical marijuana. So what is your stance on the subject?

A: You know, I say legalize it, because I mess with it and I don’t want to go to jail! [laughs]

ETS: So what is the message behind your lyrics, “Don’t grab my keys when the party’s over/ I drive better drunk, than you do sober”?

A: That song is a bragging statement for my alcohol tolerance level. There’s a veteran bunch in humanity that can operate as an alcoholic – functional alcoholics.

ETS: Is that a medical term?

A: It’s medical – or a police term; well, somewhere in my education is that term. But I’m not an alcoholic, I can turn it on like a faucet. But, you know, when you’re driving home from a bar, drunk and high, and you see someone on the wrong side of the road, I’m like, am I drunk?

ETS: I don’t really drink and I’ve never smoked so I, uh, can’t really identify with that.

A: Yeah man, it’s cool… Back in my neighborhood we tried to be the best at what we did: the best all-around cat. Amongst a circle of homies I’m the Colt 45 champion.

ETS: So are you drunk all the time?

A: Na but I’ve done it enough that I can write about it really well. I’m a foot doctor so I can tell you all about your foot. Teeth and gum/ I’ll get you numb/ let’s have some fun, you know?

ETS: Are you high right now?

A: [Laughs] No! But you got me kinda scared when you said you don’t smoke. I’m like, what police department is this dude from?!

ETS: [Laughs, maybe nervously] Na man, just because I don’t smoke doesn’t mean I’m a narc. Your secret is safe with me. But you should come back here and give a full concert. We’ll get a sound proof tent or something. It will be fun.

A: [Yawns] Yeah, I’ll be back.

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