WWRFC fells UVM on turf

After being admonished with the phrase “I’ll smoke you like a cheap cigar” during a chance encounter with Campus Safety and Security on Friday evening, women’s rugby thought this would be a good phrase to keep in mind for last Saturday’s match on the unforgiving turf field against the University of Vermont. With remarkable passing continuity and a solid effort coming from every player, the White Dawgs kicked off their spring season by pummeling UVM, 35-5.

The match began with a well-placed drop kick by Hannah Rosenthal ’10, followed by Jacquita Richardson ’10 punching the ball into the try zone just a few minutes into the game. The White Dawgs never looked back, scoring six more tries throughout the course of the game.

Liz Pierce ’08 led the team in scoring with two tries, first barreling through the UVM line on the weak side and then completing a successful fake-and-take on a penalty play. Liz Hirschhorn ’08 later scored on another fake-and-take, making this the first match that the team’s fake-and-take play has ever actually worked.

Tearing it up on the wing was Ya-Wen Lu ’09, who scored a try of her own to make up for a singing faux pas the previous day. Brittni Micham ’10 zoomed up the left side of the field through numerous UVM defenders and slid over the line to chip in a try as well. Kim Dacres ’08 completed about 15 spin moves to score a try, unaware that the Vermont team had secretly promised traditional beverages for anyone on their team who managed to tackle her.

Due to some issues scheduling a referee, Jessica Beck ’08 was sidelined to coach for the first half of the match, but after subbing in for the second half, she used her fresh legs to punch and ruck mercilessly. The WWRFC also saw solid performances from rookies Bethany Baker ’10, Sarah Franklin ’10 and Semira Menghes ’11, who played with confidence and poise. Beverly Acha ’09, Leah Lansdowne ’11 and Lindsay Parham ’10 were ruthless in the scrum, while Carol Tsoi ’11 and Cate Cho ’10 were extremely tough on the line.

The White Dawgs will travel to New Haven on Saturday to play in a round robin with Southern Connecticut and Western Connecticut, hopefully making Security proud by smoking them like cheap cigars as well.

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