Style Pop Quiz

I found Bryan Eckelmann ’09 studying at Paresky

Ok, let’s talk about the mullet.

This is my mullet that I cut for the Mullet Stache Bash as well as for the WUFO spring break trip.

WUFO spring break?

Yeah, every year a bunch of guys get weird hair cuts. Chest hair cuts, too. One year this guy shaved the Superman logo on his chest.

Well, it looks like you did well at Stashe Bash. [Eckelmann is wearing an award hat from the party].

I did. I won the dirtiest mullet award.

How did it feel to win it?

Very exciting.

But no stache?

No, hereditary says no stache.

Well, do you have any style icons?

Hmmm. Well I styled this mullet after a Russian pop singer – Dimabilan. I Wikipediaed mullets and he showed up. Apparently his mullet is so good that in Russia they just refer to mullets as Dimabilans. I actually brought pictures of him to the Clip Shop and told them that’s what I want.

So how long are you going to sport the mullet?

Almost three weeks. Until my mom gets to it. She’s already trying to bribe me to cut it.

Do people ever give you weird looks?

Definitely, all the time. One time these girls just froze, and one of them said out loud, “Ugh, that’s disgusting!” Then she sort of seized up because she realized she said it out loud and that I probably heard. But what can you expect . . . There are three other Frisbee guys who are keeping their mullets.

So, what’s the strangest thing you have in your closet?

Um, I still have the first pair of jeans I ever wore with any consistency. They are really beat up. I think they are from freshman year of high school. I actually wore them to Stache Bash. They have a rip from the knee up to the belt loops, so I have to wear them with athletic shorts – definitely not with boxers anymore.

Would you say that the people around you affect your style? Maybe as opposed to where you used to live?

More likely, I’d say that the college budget affects my style more than the people around. Although it is more acceptable here to dress on a measly budget than it is in high school in Texas.

What are your favorite shoes?

The ones I’m wearing right now, my Adidas ADI Speeds. I’ve had them for a year and a half.

If you had to choose one thing to wear in a picture, what would it be?

My Ray Ban Aviators.

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