Changes to Goodrich warrant student reaction

Substantial changes have been made to Goodrich and most of the student body has no idea. We’ve heard the rumors and speculation, but after months of Goodrich being closed, we still have no idea what is going on in the shut up space.

The truth is the changes that will be made with regards to the entrance, the furniture, the capacity and the rooms in the back have not been set in motion. What I’ve been told by senior administration members is that the most important decisions have been made, that they are not going to change and that we need to give the “new” Goodrich a chance.

All students should know about three things:

1) The essential changes to the space were made, at first, behind closed doors, with zero student input or opinion. There has been no transparency with regards to the changes and no regular updates on the progress being made. Until College Council formed the Goodrich Committee, there had been no student involvement in the reformation of the space. How does this make you students feel?

2) The “new” Goodrich is going to be a shared dance space and student space. The two large rooms behind the stage are going to be converted into two dance studios exclusive to dance use. The dance claims for this space are legitimate. By locking the doors to everyone except for the (very few) students that will be authorized to use the area, however, the space is being severely limited. Instead, I would ask that the entrance to the lower dance studio remain unlocked and keep its multipurpose floor so that all students can use it as a practice space and as a conduit from one part of the building to the other.

3) An incredible amount of time has passed and the space is still closed. We have been promised Goodrich again and again and the current estimated completion date is September 2008. If two full academic buildings can be completed in a year, I have faith that one code-compliant stairwell can be finished over a summer. I really hope that next fall, when I come back to school, I can walk right into Goodrich and get a bagel from the coffee bar, instead of having another locked door slammed in my face.

Students: know what is going on. If Goodrich isn’t open next fall, have an opinion and be ready to voice it! Express yourselves!

Emanuel Yekutiel ’11

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