Cluster switches announced

Late last week, the Office of Campus Life informed students who had applied to change neighborhoods their results via campus mail. One-hundred and thirty-five students in total applied to either pull one student into their neighborhood, or have themselves reassigned into another neighborhood.

According to Aaron Gordon, assistant director of Campus Life, the Office received 58 applications from groups of students in the class of 2011, including 52 for individual pull-ins and six from groups requesting random reassignment. Campus Life also received applications from 26 groups consisting of members of the Classes of 2009 and 2010, all of whom were requesting random reassignment.

Spencer and Wood neighborhoods gained net totals of seven and 28 students, respectively, while Dodd and Currier experienced respective net losses of 20 and 15 residents. Out of 232 members of Dodd cluster eligible for room draw, 42 applied to switch out, while only 21 of Spencer’s 350 eligible students went through the process.

Gordon explained that the apparent exodus from Dodd and Currier neighborhoods was partially due to the fact that both neighborhoods had populations higher than their bed counts, due in part to these neighborhoods having comparatively lower percentages of students going off-campus and into co-ops. “[The populations of] Spencer and Wood were slightly lower than their bed counts, in part for the opposite reason,” he said.

He explained that the large population changes, specifically the decrease in Dodd and the increase in Wood, reflected a process of “evening out” more than anything else. “This has less to do with popularity and more with necessity,” Gordon said. “It is important to take these things into account when you look at the number of students moving between neighborhoods.”

The residential figures for each cluster will not be set in stone until abroad plans and Junior Advisor selections are finalized.

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