Baxter Fellow article leveled unfair personal attack

I agree with many of the opinions expressed in last week’s article “Baxter Fellow program comes under scrutiny,” (Feb. 27) but I was rather surprised to see that I had been personally identified as a paradigm of the problems with the system. First, it would have been nice for my colleagues on the Dodd Board to have talked to me first in the five months of school preceding the writing of the article in question before naming my name to the Record. The Record asked me to comment on the Baxter Fellow system for the article, but it would have been super if the Record had also asked me to comment on the allegations brought up against me. In any case, I’ll offer this explanation.

I am on the Community Engagement Committee for Dodd Neighborhood. As such, my Baxter Fellow responsibilities to the NGB consist of attending the Board meetings every other week to report on committee affairs. The catch is that the Community Engagement Committee didn’t meet at all during first semester, so naturally there was nothing to report, so to the best of my understanding I didn’t have to go to the meetings. So why was I identified? I don’t know? Maybe if someone had bothered to scratch the surface before calling me out this all could’ve been expediently dealt with. My friends who read the article laughed at my name being printed, but what about those who don’t know me? Being a lazy, good-for-nothing Baxter Fellow makes a great first impression.

Furthermore, I’m just trying to get by in Tyler Annex to make sure we don’t go too much farther over our damage cap. People in Tyler feel precious little allegiance to Dodd or a Dodd identity. Part of it is due to our location, but there’s also a cultural divide that most on campus are familiar with. So how am I supposed to get along with the Dodd Board now? To quote the honorable and legendary west coast rapper Game . . . “Stop snitching; stop lying.”

Steven Menking ’10

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