’62 Center box office below ’Sweeney’ standard

Congratulations to Cap and Bells for the wonderful production of “Sweeney Todd.” The collaboration with the Music Department was most impressive and the technical assistance from the Theatre Department made for a well-costumed, well-lit show. The performances were excellent in a very difficult musical. The audience’s standing ovation at the end was much deserved. The College should be very proud of the outstanding job by students, staff and faculty.

On the other hand, an error in ticketing and rudeness that occurred before the show was uncalled for. At some point after we bought tickets for the 8 p.m. show on Saturday night the performance was switched to 10 p.m. When we arrived with two elderly people and I questioned what the mix up was, I was abruptly told the tickets were good for the 10 p.m. show. I asked why we hadn’t been called about the change and again was curtly told there was no way to track customers. Of course with a computerized system there is tracking capability, so when I got upset with his lie I was told they had called the “nice” people. There was never an apology at the outset and there hasn’t been one since from that individual. The elderly couple was unable to attend because of the late hour of the show, which was very unfortunate as they had a relative performing in it.

The box office may not be professional but it should be courteous and capable. The lack of a subsequent apology by the staff member involved reflects very poorly on the ’62 Center for Theatre and Dance and the College. This should not be allowed to happen again.

Juliet Flynt


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