Style pop quiz: Natalie Diaz ’09

I found Natalie Diaz ’09 enjoying some pizza with a friend at the ’82 Grill in Paresky.

Can you tell me about what you are wearing today?

I am wearing a turquoise bead necklace from my high school printmaking teacher, a fuzzy scarf from my sister, a blazer that I got from the Salvation Army in Pittsfield, jeans and Chucks. Man, now everyone will know what I’m wearing today . . .

Where are you from?

I’m originally from San Francisco, but now we are living in Sacramento.

Do you think being from San Francisco has impacted the way that you dress?

Definitely. Of all the cities in general, I feel like you feel the most comfortable taking fashion risks there. You can wear quirkier things [in San Francisco] than in Williamstown.

Where do you like to shop in San Francisco?

Anywhere on Haight St. There is probably the best. Also Castro District.

Do you ever shop in Williamstown?

Well, sometimes I hit up the Zanna’s sale, but not really. I go to the thrift store in Pittsfield and the Women’s Exchange.

What was your best find?

I found a beautiful, blue embroidered blazer with an old school collar for 50 cents! And a Michael Kors sexy white and turquoise shirt.

Does it take you a while to get ready in the mornings?

It all depends.

Are there any brands you really like?

Ummm, I have so many clothes at this point that I’m attracted more to stuff with a history. Like this jacket of mine that I got at a flea market in Barcelona. Yeah, actually right now I’m trying to cut down on my clothes.

What do you think about the going out fashion in Williamstown?

Umm, tough question. It’s nice to see everyone dressed up because they usually wear sweatshirts during the week. Sometimes I wish they would take more fashion risks.

Is there anyone on campus whose style you do admire?

Petra [Szilagyi ’09]. Petra is fabulous. And I see a lot of people who wear stuff I like. I’ll see a cute jacket or think “those boots are awesome.”

Have you been to a different country and liked their style?

I was in Greece last semester, and the summer fashion there was fabulous. Women wore the most ridiculously beautiful sandals. The winter fashion is nice too. I definitely want to live abroad at some point in my life.