Girl Talk, Afroman booked for April

This April, the College will be hit with a triple aural treat when Afroman and Girl Talk concerts sandwich the Third Eye Blind performance for Spring Fling. Afroman is scheduled to perform on April 12 accompanied by an all-campus tent party, and Girl Talk will play in Baxter Hall on April 26.

Matt Koven ’09 arranged to bring rapper Afroman as part of a large, all-campus toga party. Koven booked the rapper for a cost of $5,000, not including additional fees such as sound, lighting and hotel costs. The total cost of the event, which will include a 400-person heated tent, a dance floor, college band Miles, a DJ and possibly free togas, is projected to be approximately $10,200. While Koven is organizing the event, he expects the costs to be completely covered by other organizations, including the co-sponsorship fund, the Office of Campus Life, Spencer Neighborhood and possibly Wood Neighborhood.

Koven decided to bring Afroman in the spirit of previous concerts with similar novelty artists such as Günther and Vanilla Ice. “It’s not like anyone’s dying to hear Afroman, but he’s a fun-loving type of guy that everyone can have a good time [with],” Koven said. “I thought we needed to bring a big name. Williams had done Günther last year, they’ve done Vanilla Ice, so I thought this would be like another one of those kind of funny acts that everyone wants to see.” Koven was able to book Afroman through his connections with the rapper’s agent, who he has known since high school through a friend.

If Koven and Matt Beatus ’09 had been elected as CC Co-presidents, this free, open event would have kicked off their term as part of their plan for the College’s social revitalization. “I wasn’t running the campaign on bringing Afroman and that was it. It was just in terms of creating more events and having more of a bonding experience for everyone on campus,” he said. “It’s an open party . . . so it’s supposed to be a big event for everyone to get involved in. Not everyone’s unified in rap, but it’ll bring a lot of different people together.” Koven added that he had planned on throwing this event before the election and that the two were not directly related.

Afroman is most famous for his 2001 song, “Because I Got High,” as well as “Crazy Rap” (also called “Colt 45”). Afroman recently recorded several songs parodying hit singles by mainstream hip-hop and R&B artists such as Beyoncé Knowles and the Black Eyed Peas. They are all available on his MySpace page.

DJ Gregg Gillis, better known as Girl Talk, will perform at Baxter Hall on April 26. Paresky Programming Committee is paying $10,000 for the act, and an extra $4,000 for external costs, according to Ali Barrett ’09, a member of the committee. “We decided to bring Girl Talk because it’s what the student body wants,” Barrett said. “We noticed a WSO discussion about Girl Talk and we asked around about general interest. Members of WCFM were thrilled and had also hoped to bring them.” The Co-sponsorship Fund and Campus Life will also be providing funds for the concert, and tickets will be free.

Gillis is arguably the most famous mash-up artist among college audiences, especially with the mainstream fame of his album Night Ripper, which samples at least a dozen songs on each track. He has received critical acclaim from music publications such as Pitchfork Media and Paste Magazine and is notorious for his onstage antics, which often include dancing naked with his laptop strapped to himself.

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