Missing former student found

On Friday morning, Jean Thorndike, director of Campus Safety and Security, notified the campus that Tanesha Lindsey, a student on-leave from the College but living in the area, had not been seen “for some time.” In her all-campus e-mail, Thorndike said that what appeared to be a suicide note had appeared on Lindsey’s Facebook profile. Later Friday, Jim Kolesar, director of public affairs, announced to the campus in a second e-mail that Lindsey had been “located” and was “physically safe.”

Security became aware of the situation when a friend of Lindsey, a current student at the College, reported the apparent suicide note at 5 a.m. on Friday. “He expressed deep concern for the safety of his friend,” Thorndike said. The student requested to remain anonymous and declined comment.

Within hours, the Williamstown Police Department (WPD) discovered that Lindsey had not been seen for several days. While the WPD expanded its search outside the immediate area, Thorndike notified the campus to “keep an eye out” for Lindsey and released her photo.

According to Thorndike, the College joined in the effort “mainly because Tanesha was a former student here who still had connections with people on this campus.” She sent the e-mail because she knew that Tanesha had been locally employed, and “2000 people looking out for someone can really help,” she said.

Kolesar’s e-mail, which followed Thorndike’s by about five hours, informed the campus that Lindsey had been located outside the immediate area. Thorndike confirmed that Lindsey had been in touch with multiple students at the College since Friday, although her specific whereabouts are not known.

Dean Merrill encouraged students to contact College authorities for matters regarding Lindsey’s safety. “If there’s information that acquaintances or friends have that concerns her well-being, they should feel free to contact [the Dean’s Office] or Safety and Security,” she said.

The incident came on the heels of a case involving a missing student at Middlebury. Nick Garza, an Albuquerque native, has not been seen since the night of Feb. 5 when he left a party to return to his dorm. A search was started when Garza’s mother, concerned after not hearing from her son for five days, filed a missing person report.

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