Style pop quiz: Caitlyn Cain ’11

I found Caitlyn Cain ’11 eating breakfast at Snack Bar with her friend Mary Gelber ’10.

So, would you say you have a fashionable eye?

Cain: Umm, kind of not really. My friends told me in high school that I was the only person they knew who could pull off not matching.

OK, let’s try something. Close your eyes and then describe to me everything you are wearing right now.

C: I’m wearing brown UGG boots, black corduroys, I think a black and white random print shirt from Mossimo and . . . a silver necklace and hoop earrings. Yes, go me! I’m so smart . . .

So you’re wearing brown UGGs and black pants and you don’t mind the non-matching?

C: I guess so. It’s comfortable and warm. The thing is that I usually wear cowboy boots, but I can’t now because I always fall.

Gelber: She’s from Texas, that’s why she always wears cowboy boots.

Where in Texas are you from?

C: Houston.

If you had to choose between being hot or cold for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

C: Hot.

G: You are hot.

Quite true. So how are you feeling about all this cold weather lately?

C: I actually like it though. It’s cool because it’s so different from Texas.

On another note, what decade’s fashion do you like the most?

C: I love the 80s. My best friend thinks I was meant to live in the 80s because I love bright colors and stuff. In fact my entry just had an 80s party. It was crazy; there was a cake fight. I think it was one of the funniest nights of my life.

Do you think there is pressure to look good on campus?

C: Not really, everyone’s normally pretty casual.

Did you ever get a horrible item of clothing as a gift?

C: Well, one time my mom made me wear nice black pants with this white shirt that had big frills all down the front. There was picture-taking. I died.

G: Well your mom is super hip, maybe it was in.

C: Maybe . . . Odds are that it wasn’t though. . .

Well, this question was meant for a dude, but I’ll ask you anyway. Boxers or briefs?

C: Boxers. They are quite comfortable.

What is your favorite movie from your childhood?

C: Mulan. I love that movie.

Do you think you would like to go to China one day?

C: Well, I’m dying to go to Europe. I’ve been to Japan, which is the coolest place ever. I have to go back there. Tokyo is like New York on steroids.

Did you like the fashion in Tokyo?

C: Yes, it was amazing. Everything was so fashionable. There were huge underground malls and they were selling these white raincoat-like jackets with belts that were in . . . or maybe they were just fashionable in Texas . . .

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