Goldstein and Nurnberg deserve student support

Tomorrow, students from all neighborhoods will have the important responsibility of deciding the direction student leadership is headed on this campus by voting in the College Council elections. We have seen numerous occasions this year where strong leadership has been necessary – racial intolerance, “biohazards” and card access, further integration of the neighborhood system and sustainability. At this time, it is vital that we continue the momentum we have built up without resting on our laurels.

Yet, some may still be completely unaware that an election is forthcoming, lost in the muck that can be the many Facebook invitations we receive everyday. Therefore, I am pleading that, first and foremost, we as a student body take the five minutes necessary and have our opinion heard. CC is comprised of our peers to serve our purpose, so it is essential that we provide a true indication of where we stand and where we would like to go.

Furthermore, I am personally supporting Peter Nurnberg ’09 and Jeremy Goldstein ’09 for the CC co-presidency. By being roommates in Sage D freshman year, these two have formed a tight bond that allows for the complementation of skills and ability to communicate necessary to lead diverse bodies such as CC and the Williams community as a whole. In addition, they are both incredibly strong on their individual merits. Jeremy has served as an editor for the Record, a tour guide and a Junior Advisor. Peter has served as a key player in many groups, having been Treasurer of CC and President of Dodd Neighborhood this year. Between working with prospective students, first-years, within the neighborhood system and on CC already, these two have done it all.

There is no doubt that the current CC headed-up by Morgan Goodwin ’08 and Kim Dacres ’08 has done a fantastic job with the array of issues they had to deal with, and much credit must be given to them. Thank you for your hard work. However, it is time to turn our attention to the future. I hope you will stand with me in casting your ballot this week and ensuring that Williams moves forward together by supporting Peter Nurnberg and Jeremy Goldstein for CC co-presidents.

Schuyler Hall

Spencer Neighborhood Secretary

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