Letter: Paresky Sit-in

It has come to my attention that the new policy in Paresky, while accounting for a minimal increase in sustainability, oppresses and infringes upon our rights as students to have places other than dorms as areas of study. It is places like Paresky which were built not only as a service for the Williams community, but the student body in general. In that regard, it was a success.

Paresky has the unique function of being the only place on campus where nearly all the needs of the student are met, both social and academic. In addition, it is the students who make the most use of the space. While it functions for both faculty and staff members and is open to the public, the people who are most frequently there are by far the students, for whom the center, supposedly a “student” center, was built.

Since “Campus Life” has taken upon itself to dictate how and when we are allowed to use the space, it is up to us, the students to take action in order to protect this small, but substantial right. It is for these reasons that I propose that the students of Williams College organize a sit-in to take place on the first Thursday of second semester. In addition to being an act of civil disobedience, it will demonstrate to Campus Life that students value their space, and most of all their free use of the space.

Any and all interested parties should feel free to contact me, or just show up on Jan. 31 with a sleeping bag and a hankering for some good old fashioned political protest. It is even in small matters like these that our voice must be heard, otherwise greater injustices (such as the fiasco that is cluster housing) will slowly continue to erode what should be an active, opinionated and powerful student body.

Julian Mesri ’09

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