Where’s my Times?

Last week, after several days of waiting in vain, I was dismayed to find out that the College cancels its subscription to the New York Times for Winter Study. It is still available in the libraries, but free copies are not in Mission or Paresky as they are during the semester. Sure, I could read it online, but Internet news is much less satisfying than a physical newspaper. I like to spread out at the Paresky Snack Bar with my cup of coffee. During the semester, it’s a great 30-minute break in the day. I start with the front page, move through the editorials, check the headlines in Business Day and the Arts and then tackle the crossword. Clicking through a website just isn’t the same.

Those of us that don’t have time to read the paper during the semester have time during Winter Study. January is supposed to be a time of exploration, of figuring out new areas of interest. Students who might have carried their Winter Study newspaper habits into the semester now cannot do that.

As a junior, I’ve lived in the purple bubble long enough to know that it takes work to get past it. I am grateful that the College provides the New York Times during the semester. I miss it.

Jay Cox-Chapman ’09

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