Spring Street Blues

Monday 11-5-07

5:09 p.m. Officers responded to a 9-1-1 medical emergency at Chapman Rink. Village Ambulance transported the student who had been injured during hockey practice to North Adams Regional Hospital (NARH).

7:06 p.m. Fire alarm at Hardy House set off by students cooking.

Tuesday 11-6-07

1:06 a.m. An intrusion alarm went on in Elm Tree House at Mt. Hope. Officers and the Williamstown Police Department (WPD) responded.

8:13 a.m. Officers responded to a report of a student who had collapsed. Village Ambulance transported the student to NARH.

Wednesday 11-7-07

10:40 p.m. Officer found what appeared to be vomit on the floor in Bronfman. Dispatch contacted the on-call custodian.

Thursday 11-8-07

1:50 a.m. Officer responded to lower Mission parking lot for a report of what appeared to be suspicious activity.

10:17 p.m. Officer found a group of approximately 15 students in Bryant with two empty 30-packs and a drinking device used for chugging.

11:55 p.m. The dining manager at Paresky requested officers to assist with an intoxicated student. A dining service employee had also found vomit in the men’s room.

Friday 11-9-07

12:20 a.m. Officers responded to a report of student vomiting in Paresky. The student was found in the bathroom, and 9-1-1 was activated for medical assistance.

10:55 p.m. While doing a fire system test at Tyler, an officer noticed noise coming from the storage room in the basement and found an illegal party.

2:35 p.m. A student reported the theft of a Nintendo Wii video game system from Prospect. The student filled out a stolen article report form.

Saturday 11-10-07

7:48 a.m. Officers responded to Cole Field for a report of smoke in the woods. 9-1-1 was activated to call the Williamstown Fire Department. The cause was a smoldering campfire.

2:28 p.m. A student reported he backed into another vehicle in Poker Flats lot. WPD was contacted, and the damage was documented. The owner of the vehicle was contacted.

4:05 p.m. Officer responded to East for a noise complaint.

10:51 p.m. A student reported that there was an intoxicated male in Paresky. The individual was not a student and could not be left alone. WPD responded and brought him to the station.

11:00 p.m. Dispatch received a call about an intoxicated student in Mission. Officer arrived and called Village Ambulance, which transported the student to NARH.

11:23 p.m. Officers heard loud music and noise coming from Pratt and found students involved in Beirut activity.

Sunday 11-11-07

3:36 a.m. Officers responded to Hopkins Hall basement for a report of an unknown person who appeared intoxicated. The person was an alumnus and the guest of a student.

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