Leaders ace party planning

Over Homecoming weekend, event organizers at Williams enjoyed almost as much success as the football team did. Committees reported satisfaction with the weekend’s lineup of parties, concerts and reunions.

“Everything went exactly as planned. We have no complaints,” said Ali Barrett ’09, All-Campus Entertainment (ACE) president. ACE held three events on Friday night: the Little Brother concert in Paresky, which was followed by the Homecoming Hoedown in the same space and the Coyote Ugly Party in Brooks.

“The concert was great. We had a good turnout and people seemed to have a lot of fun with it,” Barrett said, noting that the venue was a significant improvement over last year’s tent concert. She added that the Paresky party was slightly smaller than the other two events, attributing the lower attendance to ACE’s decision to serve alcohol at Brooks but not at Paresky. “I think we made the right decision. If we had alcohol it would have been a bigger party, but not a better one,” she said.

The Neighborhoods took the reins on Saturday night, with Wood and Currier hosting a Monaco-themed party in Wood House, and Dodd and Spencer hosting a yacht party in Dodd House. “The first hour and a half was quiet, with small groups coming and going. Then all of a sudden at around 11:30 people started flooding in, which from our point of view was a success,” said Eric Beam ’10, a student host for the Wood party.

Wood neighborhood president Jon Prigoff ’08 expressed similar sentiments. “I’d say the party went very well; we had great attendance and things went really smoothly,” he said.

The yacht party was similarly successful. “We had a flow of people and it was very crowded at some times and emptier at others. Overall, a large number of people came,” said Emily Behrman ‘09, social committee co-chair for Dodd Neighborhood. She added that working far in advance, a strategy she learned from last year’s Homecoming, greatly helped the planning process.

Saturday night also saw Ephs celebrating at the Mezze Bar & Bistro at a party organized by the Black Student Union (BSU). Long lines of waiting partygoers formed outside the venue, leading organizers to restrict entry to those aged 21 and above for part of the event.

Williams alumni joined in the festivities, both in campus-wide events and programs organized by the Alumni Relations Office. According to Beam, the Wood party ran out of bracelets because of the unexpected alumni turnout.

“From the alumni standpoint, it was a phenomenal day,” said Brooks Foehl ’88, Alumni Relations assistant director and Classes and Reunions director. “People will remember this day for a long time to come.” He highlighted the football reunion, which brought together 300 former College football players and their guests for the first time in 12 years, as a particular success.

One disappointment from the weekend was the last-minute cancellation of a Minority Coalition (MinCo) party, which was slated to be held in the Perry Goat Room from 1 to 3 a.m. on Sunday. “We were hoping to get more involved in Homecoming events this year, but due to a combination of circumstances we had to cancel the party,” said Fida Tashfia ‘10, MinCo public relations representative. “We sincerely regret it and look forward to holding other parties in the future.”

Amidst weekend celebrations, some typical Homecoming behavior went a bit too far, but more trouble came this year by way of bio-cleanups than property damage. Following the trend of the semester, more incidences of such cleanups were reported than in previous years. Facilities has not yet processed all of the work orders for Homecoming misbehavior, but bio-cleanups were reported in five different buildings on campus. Four known bio-cleanups took place in Paresky alone after Friday.

“I haven’t heard of any major damages yet,” said Bea Miles, Director of Facilities Services, “so it seems like a better year for damages, but worse for bio-cleanups.”

Confirmed reports of damage over the weekend have been minor, the largest case being wall damage and broken locks on a custodial closet in Tyler. Other reports include a broken kitchen stool in Brooks and a broken piano stool in Spencer. The cost for damages has not yet been estimated, but seems to be generally small. “This was certainly an improvement over previous years,” Miles said.

Additional reporting by Kaitlin Butler, staff writer.

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