Style pop quiz: Molly Hawkins ’08

I found Molly Hawkins ’08 chatting with her friend outside Paresky.

Hi, do you think I can interview you for the fashion column?

It’s because of the boots, isn’t it?!

Definitely. Tell me about your boots and your outfit.

These are my black Tony Lama boots. They’re from Texas – not that I’m Texan. I’m wearing black stockings. This black skirt I bought at the ABC sale for three dollars. And I’m wearing a gray sweatshirt.

Did you get anything else cool at the ABC sale?

Yeah, I got a pair of Nine West shoes for three dollars.

Do you like to shop at thrift stores?

Yes. It’s always an adventure when you shop there, like a treasure hunt.

What are the five essentials in your wardrobe?

Hmm . . . do they have to be like, clothing?

No, anything works.

Well color, because everyone wears black here at Williams. Ok, so today is not a good day to catch me . . . But color is especially important in the winter because it’s so damn cold. And then boots. I have another pair, they are furry and I wear them at Homecoming. They are my Homecoming boots. Do I have to come up with five?! Um, accessories. I’m not wearing them right now, but I usually wear big earrings. And crazy vintage clothing. I like to wear whatever crazy things that people at Williams would never wear and then be like “what?” And my bikini. I’m from Florida and I love being hot. I turn the heat up to 90 degrees and sit in my room in my bikini and shorts. When people used to walk into my room, they would have to take off all their layers. Now I live off campus and pay for my heat, so I don’t do that anymore. But my room used to always be between 80 to 100 degrees, ask anyone.

Do you think there is a relationship between fashion and music?

Well, I used to be in my hippie-clothing phase, and I listened to bluegrass music. I’ve grown out of that phase now. Actually on my way over I was listening to “These Boots are Made for Walking,” so I guess there is a subconscious connection there!

Did you dress up for Halloween?

Yes, I did.

What were you?

On Halloween day I wore a lot of orange. I wore black and orange high-heeled pumps and skeleton earrings. The earrings are four inches long and dangle all over the place. I wore it trick-or-treating to Morty’s house. I’m really into dressing up for holidays. I have these huge green eyelashes I wear for St. Patrick’s Day.

What is the best costume you have seen this year?

I saw a good pirate. I know that is generic, but it was well done. If I had time to do something really good, I would be Marilyn Monroe in that white dress. Was that just for a photo shoot?

I think it was a movie.

Well, I would be her, or Carmen Miranda just because I always wanted to have a fruit basket as a hat.

What past fashion period do you like the most?

Oh, well, if it’s not all the time, like, if I don’t have to wear it all the time, I would choose Marie Antoinette – French Revolution, aristocratic styles.

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