One in 2000: Lizzy Danhakl ’11

The Williams women’s soccer team won the NESCAC tournament handily this weekend to bring its record to a pristine 16-0. After the Ephs’ epic vanquishing of Bowdoin, I sat down with Lizzy Danhakl ’11 to hear about her experiences on the team and at Williams.

Hi Lizzy, congratulations on your victory.


You guys really eph-ed up Bowdoin.

Yeah, 4-0. It was a really good game. We took 27 shots on goal, they took 3. I’m particularly proud of that because I play defense.

What is your position?

I start at left defense.

You start? As a frosh? Wow.

Yeah, there are 10 frosh on the women’s soccer team and four of us start.

So you play defense, huh? What’s your best defensive skill? What are you best at on the field?

Hmmm, you know, just staying with my person. Basic, defense stuff.

Like throwing elbows?

Yeah, that too. I take ’em out. I’ve also slide-tackled some people. All that fun stuff.

You start, so you’re good, right?

I’m okay.

Would you call yourself a star of the team?

[laughing] No, not really. Coach is really set on defined roles and everyone playing a part so it really is an 11-person effort. I’m just a good role player in a team that plays together well.

Well said. Does this mean you’ll host a bunch of NCAA tournament games?

Well, we won’t know until the official bracket comes out, but yes, Coach said we could host up to the elite eight. At 16-0 we’ll probably be a fairly high seed. You know, this is the first time ever we’ve gone 16-0? And also, traditionally the host of the NESCAC doesn’t win it, so we broke with tradition a little bit.

You guys are so good! And if it means we’re winning more games, to hell with tradition. It’s cool that you’ll get to play a bunch more games here then.

Yeah, I love playing on Cole.

Yeah, pretty much one of the main reasons I still play Frisbee here at Williams is that spring practices on Cole are so beautiful. It gets kinda distracting though. You guys beat Amherst earlier in the season, right?

Yeah, we beat them 2-1, but we had two goals called back because of “offsides” calls.


Yeah, it was laaaaame. But we still beat them though, so it’s ok.

Truth. I hate Amherst and love beating Amherst so that’s good. Do you do any other sports besides soccer?

Yeah, I’m on the track team.

Are you a runner?

Yes, mid to long distance runner.

No hammer toss?

No hammer toss.

Are you as good at track as you are at soccer?

Hm, probably not. I played club soccer and high school soccer at home so I wasn’t really able to compete in organized track till senior year. But I decided to stick with it when I got here.

Is there one you like better?

Hard to say . . . probably soccer, I guess. I’ve done it more and I really like the team aspect of it. Track’s more individual.

When does track season start?

Really soon. Hopefully I’ll get to track season late, however, because, you know, we’ll be playing in the NCAA tournament.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Between all this all-star running and soccer playing, do you ever find time to, you know, go to class?

[laughing] Yes. Actually, I haven’t missed a class yet this year. This weekend is hard though. We had a couple of games and now I’ve gotta fit in all my work. But I always find a way to manage. Coach insists on high academic performance. I’m actually going to Schow after this.

Don’t sneeze or cough, you might get in trouble there.

I know. It’s dangerous.

What Winter Study course are you taking?

I wanted to get into drawing, but I got dropped, so now I’m taking beginning modern dance.

Sophomore year I went to three modern dance P.E. classes. They were fun but it . . . ah . . . wasn’t for me. I’ve still got some moves though. Wanna see?

I’m good . . . thanks.

Prospective major?

Well, I’m definitely still shopping around, but I’d say math and art history at this point.

Yes! I love art history. And, uh, I guess math is cool too. And, just so everyone knows, where do you live on campus?

Pratt II.

Ah, the Taco Bell entry.

Yeah, our JAs love Taco Bell.

You know, I’ve been hit on in the Bennington Taco Bell. It was very traumatic.

I’m sorry to hear that. Can I shout out to some people?


I’d just like to shout out to the gang of oh-leven soccer girls and Annie Hanson [’11], who’s a skier but hangs out with us.

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