Homecoming Committee tweaks plans

While the Homecoming Committee worked hard to remedy last year’s problem of overlapping events on Friday and Saturday nights, students can rest assured that there will still be plenty of places to go throughout this weekend. All events, including Saturday tailgates, a concert, a bonfire and six parties, will be free and open to the entire campus.

For last year’s Homecoming, the responsibility of planning events changed hands from All-Campus Entertainment (ACE) to a Homecoming Committee, comprised of representatives from ACE, the cluster governance boards, Minority Coalition (MinCo) and the Alumni Office.

Problems that arose during the previous Homecoming prompted the Committee to make changes accordingly. Last year, the neighborhoods divided Saturday night into time slots, and each neighborhood independently programmed during their assigned time. “The problem with that was that everyone put a lot of effort into their respective events,” said Emily Behrman ’09, social chair of Dodd Neighborhood. “But as soon as people arrived and it got really popular, it was time to end and a different party would start somewhere else on campus.”

This year’s Committee has instead encouraged neighborhoods and MinCo to work together for co-sponsored events. Members hoped “to make everyone’s work worthwhile, reduce unnecessary costs and save the student body from running all around campus in their semiformal attire,” Behrman said.

One hurdle the Committee faced was limited party space. “With Goodrich unavailable, it does make party planning more difficult,” said Hanna Gisel ’10, social chair of Spencer Neighborhood.

The celebration will commence with a Homecoming bonfire behind Poker Flats on Thursday evening. As with last year, ACE has planned two Friday night parties; the four neighborhoods and MinCo have organized three parties for Saturday night.

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