Goodrich opening delayed

Although most of the repair and reframing work has been completed on the ground floor of Goodrich Hall, a recent review by a local building inspector established the need for another exit from the second floor. This additional work will delay Goodrich’s reopening until fall 2008 at the latest, according to Mike Briggs, project manager in charge of Goodrich. Additionally, Facilities is consulting architects to determine new construction plans for the Great Hall.

Jason Moran, the project manager originally in charge of the Goodrich project, supervised the reframing of the first floor and the overall structural enhancement of the building, which first opened in 1859. Repairs and structural reinforcements for the new dance studios and other rooms have now been completed.

Briggs explained that the spiral staircase on the east side of the building is not a sufficient exit from the second floor, and that a clearer, more efficient exit must be constructed in order to comply with building codes’ egress requirements. Briggs is currently working with architects to review three schemes for the additional exit; no other major design changes will be made to the building.

“I am certainly going to do everything I can to minimize the impact on the historical nature of the building and architectural features,” Briggs said. “We’re hoping for very little change.”

One of the design schemes includes adding a new external staircase to the building, while the other two plans focus on the interior, either building an additional staircase inside Goodrich or replacing the existing spiral staircase. The schemes have come from EDM Services, an architectural and engineering company out of Pittsfield. Although cost estimates are not complete, Briggs noted that the external staircase is the most inexpensive option. Decisions on the schematic plans will be made within the next few weeks by Briggs, Facilities architect Christopher Williams and stakeholders in the Goodrich building.

Goodrich has been closed since energetic dancing during last spring’s concert featuring Günther and the Sunshine Girls damaged the floor of the Great Hall.

Students with campus jobs in Goodrich found work elsewhere on campus this semester. Campus Life contacted students who worked at Goodrich before fall semester began and explained the construction situation, offering to help them secure other positions on campus.

Kim Dacres ’08, a former student director at the Goodrich Coffee Bar, said that while Dining Services also offered students new campus jobs promptly, she nonetheless felt that she could have been better informed about the status of Goodrich.

“I really want the Coffee Bar to be maintained as a student-run space,” Dacres said.

Marco Sanchez ’10, who was slated to become A/V tech supervisor at Goodrich this year, said that he and other students who worked at Goodrich have not been well informed of the renovation progress. Moreover, students were not given a timeframe for resuming their previous positions. Sanchez now works as a student media consultant in Jesup Hall.

“I felt like there weren’t many spots [suitable] for me,” Sanchez said. “I took it upon myself to find this one.”

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