Telecommunication issues delay Flexcars

Due to unforeseen delays and issues with telecommunication, the Oct. 1 debut date for the Flexcar program has been pushed back to mid-November.

The Flexcar service requires members to make reservations online. When a request is received, Flexcar sends a cellular signal to the specific car, recognizing the reservation and making the car available to that member. The service currently relies on T-Mobile as its cellular provider, which does not provide service in the area.

“Flexcar has been working to correct that problem, which is not just a simple switch of cellular providers,” said Timothy Reisler, assistant director for administrative services.

“The cars need to be rewired in order to receive a new carrier’s signal and finally to be tested,” added Stacey Baraya, university sales manager of Flexcar.

The Flexcar program will charge students an annual fee of $35, as well a per hour amount. The College is expected to rent out two Civic Hybrids, a Mini-Cooper and a Honda Element, ranging from about nine to 12 dollars an hour.

Despite the unforeseen delay, Morgan Goodwin ’08, College Council co-president, assures that Flexcar is still devoted to providing its services to the College. “They are deploying fleets of cars at dozens of schools, and so didn’t have the capacity to address the problem immediately,” Goodwin said.

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