Style quiz: Ethan Timmins-Schiffman

Ethan Timmins-Schiffman ’10 was spotted strolling down Spring St. on Saturday afternoon with his friend Chris Shalvoy ’08.

I’m doing a fashion column, can I interview you?

Shalvoy: Ah man, yeah, we all get our fashion cues from this guy!

Timmins-Schiffman: And by we, he means the rest of the world, not just the basketball team.

Shalvoy: Check out his shirt!

Tell me about your shirt.

Timmins-Schiffman: Well, see it’s a double-pronged attack on people’s eyes. It has a ton of different bright colors, so it’s eye-catching. And it has each member of the Legendary Roots [Crew]. I purchased it at a concert in their hometown of Philadelphia, so it’s very meaningful to me because it was a meaningful concert. It’s black; it goes with everything. And the ladies love it.

What about your hat?

Timmins-Schiffman: This is my retro Maui hat, recently commandeered from Whitney, my old JA.

Shalvoy: Don’t let him lie to you, he owns that hat.

Timmins-Schiffman: Well, it brings the outfit together. It doesn’t have to match anything. General randomness – it matches because it doesn’t. And I wear it a little to the side, to indicate that I wear it not for function, but for style.

About how long does it take you to put together your look in the morning?

Timmins-Schiffman: . . . 10 to 36 seconds.

How do people generally react to your style?

Timmins-Schiffman: They say, “Yo Ethan, I like what you’re wearing.”

Shalvoy: Yeah, this referee guy was just driving down Spring St. and yelled out his window, “Ethan, you’re not going to get lost with that hat on.” We don’t even know him, and he knows Ethan’s name.

Timmins-Schiffman: I like getting stuff that you’ve never heard of. People ask me if I’ve been to chess camp because I own a chess camp shirt from a thrift store. Or I’ll go to a tiny store and buy a pair of jeans you’ve never heard of. I like saying I commandeered something, too. Conversations stem from my clothes. I wear them more than just to combat the elements. There are stories behind what I have.

Do you have any fashion icons?

Timmins-Schiffman: I do have some fashion icons – Phil Wall, Dan Gura and D.L. Smith.

Speaking of Smiths, any thoughts on Will Smith’s style when he was on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?

Timmins-Schiffman: No doubt! Will Smith’s style on the Fresh Prince, maybe except for the last season when I remember him wearing some very militant outfits, is really cool. I don’t really get down with militancy because I went to a Quaker school. I like all of the colors he wore in particular. I remember some of his shirts being really “busy” – they have all of these different bright colors and sometimes abstract patterns that were very indicative of the 90s. I remember a lot of geometrical shapes being incorporated into his outfits. The high-top sneakers are really cool too. I think Big Will sometimes wore those parachute pans, a la MC Hammer. Those might have been cool at the time but they’re not really something I want to revisit. When I look back, the bold and fluorescent colors, the sneakers and the hats are what I appreciate most from the Fresh Prince’s wardrobe.

What do you think the coolest hair style is?

Timmins-Schiffman: Hmm, I like my hairstyle. For girls, I like shampooed and conditioned hair. Side bangs are cool too. I like my girlfriend’s side bangs. Ashley Carrera ’10 has cool hair.

Where are you from? Do you think it had any impact on your style?

Timmins-Schiffman: I’m from Wilmington, Delaware. I don’t think Wilmington, or Delaware for that matter, has anything significant to offer in terms of style. But the location of my family’s home in Wilmington may have shaped my super-cool style. I grew up, geographically speaking, in between the inner city and a very affluent suburban area. I consider my style to be a mix of urban and preppy – maybe a clash of the two. I think my exposure to both inner city life and the ’burbs impacted my style.

So, if you had a clothing line, what would you name it?

Timmins-Schiffman: “Truth.” I think it grabs people’s attention but it’s vague, and they don’t know what’s going on so they will check it out.

What do you want to do after college?

Timmins-Schiffman: I’m interested in law and education. I think those two fields can be combined. I like kids.

Will it be hard to keep up your style in the work environment?

Timmins-Schiffman: Well, there’s always night time. Style is not shown all the time. My style is in here [points to his head].

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