Month: January 2007


In the Dec. 6, 2006 article on early decision applications, there were arithmetic errors. The Record reported that early applications dropped 5 percent. Based on information available at the time…

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One in 2000

Look out ladies – frosh dreamboat Michael Drzyzga may be in a Winter Study on made-up languages, but he’s already fluent in the language of love. Read on to discover…

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Bottoms Up: Quality Ale

After spending several months recovering from their sampling of the world’s finest cheap vodkas, the Cougars decided to take it out on the town. And not just any town, but…

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Pop style quiz with Julia Ramsey

Editor’s note: We stopped senior Julia Ramsey leaving Tunnel City, fighting the mild winter temperatures with a hot coffee, a wool coat and knee-high boots. Below are her answers to…

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This Polar Bear is not endangered

Last Wednesday was my first Polar Bear Swim of 2007, and it was about time. It’s not good to go for so long without a jolt of intensity. Although I’m…

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Planeteers needed

Williams College students should get more involved in solving the most pressing issue of our time, global climate change. Three years ago Billy Parish dropped out of Yale because his…

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Universalize Catholicism

No one expects a Catholic organization to support birth control. Some progressives might argue for condoms to slow AIDS. But nobody thinks for a minute the Pope will wake up…

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‘Heavyweights’ champ returns to the ring for the third time

In fall 2006, Campus Safety and Security investigated Robert Zalkind ’08 after receiving a tip that there was a person in Jessup who seemed like he “did not belong.” He…

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Weird winter weather hits Williams

Williamstown is almost unrecognizable this winter without its usual freezing temperatures and heavy blanket of snow. In fact, most seasoned faculty members and students would probably say that early January’s…

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A tribute to Nate Krissoff

I still remember when Nate Krissoff ’03 first called me “baby.” A few minutes earlier while scavenging the cheese selection at the “meet the president” party during First Days, another freshman swimmer introduced me to Nate. We had your typical get-to-know-you conversation, discussing our backgrounds, where we were from, and where we lived on campus.

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