The Artist Formerly Known As . . .Phil Enock

What did you do as a part of One Blue Link?

I played the guitar and we all wrote the songs together. So I was doing some songwriting and when we went to do the album – we did the album here as a Winter Study project – I did all the recording work, setting up all the microphones and then bringing it to the computer, mixing it on the computer and then mastering it, which was the biggest project of my life, but it was cool.

One Blue Link was really popular last year. How did it feel to be part of a mania on campus?

It was pretty cool. I don’t know if we achieved mania status but we were happy with our album sales and stuff.

How were the album sales?

We sold about 120 albums to Williams students. We were really happy with that and in general it was a fun time.

Why did you guys break up?

We had two people graduate, Jeremy Da [’03] and Stu Warshawer [’03], and after they graduated things got more complicated. We thought for a time that we might continue, but it just got too difficult.

Other than your recording and mixing for One Blue Link, do you do a lot of mixing for other people?

I’ve done a little bit, yeah. I helped Jumi Song [’05] and Caitlin Canty [’04] do their recordings for their Winter Study project last year. I just lent them equipment. I did a bit of mixing work for them and mastering, whatever. It was just sort of as a favor and for kicks. You know, I think their work is really good. Beyond that I recorded a new rap song with my group from high school last summer. I have this rap group called The Ill Informed and we’ve been doing this since junior year of high school. I make all the music and I’m doing the recording work these days and they’re, you know, two white-boy prep school rappers. And they keep it real. They know there’s a funny side to it; it’s all good. It’s half serious.

How did you guys start a rap group?

It was like in 10th grade or something. They decided that they wanted to rhyme and they recorded on their computer. I was already making music at school with a keyboard, going to a computer, playing whatever instruments. So they were like, “can you make us a rap beat?” and I said, “sure.”

Have you recorded a lot with them?

As a senior project in high school we recorded eight songs. We did that in a studio. And then the summer before last – we had gone to different colleges, one’s at Yale and one’s at Vanderbilt – we did five songs recorded by me in my room at home. I throw in my guitar, I do drums and stuff like that on the computer. And then this past summer we just did one song because we wanted to make it really good and it’s up and available for download.

How did you get into recording and using technology for recording purposes?

Basically I had a good teacher starting in seventh grade. They started us in a good program at Collegiate [in New York City]. I got some mixing skills interning at recording studios: Big Blue Meenie Studios [in Jersey City] last summer and Sony Music Studios [in New York City] the summer before. I got to meet the bands Our Lady Peace and Thursday, and hear LL Cool J’s crew chilling in the lab, talking about how Dr. Dre took credit for their friend’s beats and saying, “yeah, I smell you, dawg.”

Of all of the recording and mixing you’ve done what was your favorite group to work with?

My favorite was One Blue Link. I just really like rock music; it’s my favorite style. I feel rock more than other stuff, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to do other things. I’m building up my library of stuff I’ve done. I’m going to throw together a website this weekend,, and it’s just going to have the mp3s of my songs. So I did the rock stuff, did the rap stuff.

Right now I’m actually doing some guitar-based electronic music as my solo project. I started this song in August and I’m finishing [it] up this weekend. The vocal lines are all sound clips from Arnold Schwarzenegger. Basically it’s taking those sorts of things, throwing them into the song, doing a little scratching and making Arnold rock out.

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