WWRFC opens NERFU play with win against Wes

Following a less-than-impressive performance at the Beantown tournament, this weekend women’s rugby set the intensity level for its upcoming season as defending NERFU Western Conference Champions in the team’s victorious match against Wesleyan. Before indulging in the action-packed athletic accomplishments, a question for the masses: Did anyone know that Williams and Wesleyan are supposed to be rivals? Because I didn’t. They’re a great bunch to post-game with, but I can’t really say that on the pitch they’re the most competitive. That is of course unless you consider their countless attempts to seduce us with their sexiness.

Keeping the ball within the Wesleyan 22-meter mark, the White Dawgs A-side spent the majority of the first half within scoring distance. The backs’ desire to be forwards became apparent as they spent more time going into rucks and mauls than the actual forwards themselves, who decided that it was the defense’s turn for glory.

On a defensive lineout, jumper Antoinette “‘Twan” Wilson ’04 swatted the ball back to loose prop Denise Nunes ’05, who plucked the deflection out of the air and gracefully pranced into the try zone where she touched the ball down to put the White Dawgs ahead of Wesleyan. Fullback sensation Rachel “Clifford” Barr ’06 kicked the ball effortlessly in between the uprights for the extra conversion points.

Unable to combat the strong and aggressive Williams team, Wesleyan decided to resort to methods as alternative as their hair styles. Using their repulsiveness to distract the White Dawgs, a Wes rugger sprinted into the try zone for their first and last try. The referee, confused and unsure of the rules regarding sordidness, awarded Wesleyan with the try and then blew the whistle for half time.

Once stomachs settled, the White Dawgs came back thrashing the Wesleyan team, most likely inspired by the sentimental words of line captain Kristen “Snagatooth” Lacey ’04: “Alvo my toof is loof, you guys are doing awbsome.” Scrumhalf Courtney “I’m not odd” Gordon ’05 spotted the holes in Wesleyan’s defense and did an amazing job of directing traffic and finding open players like loose prop Denise Nunes ’05, who successfully scored two additional tries, bursting through the Wesleyan defense, supported closely by fellow scrummies Joey “I love social events” Lloyd ’05 and Izzi “DYNAMITE” Stone ’05. When asked to comment on the completion of her first hat trick Nunes asked, “Wait, what’s a hat trick?”

As if the three scrummy tries weren’t enough, the White Dawgs’ line wanted to get in on the action. And with great runs by Cecilia “Wonder Woman” de la Campa ’06 and Carly “Dear Abby” Massey ’04, Annie “Chief Sexy” Snodgrass ’05 was able to score yet another try against our hairy “rivals,” sealing the deal on the WWRC’s first victory of the season against Wesleyan 26-7.

The B-side and rookies, hyped and ready to go, did an amazing job in their first game of the season. Led by captains on the field Lindsay “Mama” Thomas ’06 and Emily “International Player” Lample ’05, the B-side forwards and backs held off Wesleyan’s B-side for three “halves.” Their communication and support were impressive and they promise to be an unstoppable team in the very near future. Final score: 0-5.

Next Sunday, the WWRFC will host its final home game of the season against Smith.

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