WWRFC battles in two- day Beantown tournament

Waking up at the crack of dawn, women’s rugby made the traditional journey to UMass-Amherst to partake in the 2-day Beantown tournament this past weekend. The weather was nice, not too cloudy, not too sunny, but the ungodly stench from the nearby sewage center left much to be desired.

As they fought to keep their breakfasts down, the White Dawgs began their first match of the tournament against the University of Delaware. The first half of the match was colored by continuous aggressive defensive plays by the forwards and quick moving offensive plays by the backs. The powerful drive from second rows, Emily “Fishfood” Peinart ’06, Jen “Tussin’” Foss-Feig ’04 and eight man Antoinette “Don’t Start None Won’t be None” Wilson ’04 proved to be much too powerful for Delaware’s scrum. Providing them with their first victory of the season, Carly “Upper West Side” Massey ’04, with great support from her fellow backs Kara “Harlem” Weiss ’05 and Annie “the Sleepwalker” Snodgrass ’05, burst through Delaware’s mediocre defense putting the WWRFC ahead of Delaware with an amazing try early on in the second half. Final score: 5-0.

The second match against St.Francis of Canada was fierce, for those giant beasts from north of the border, left no doubt in anyone’s mind that they had been bred to play rugby.

Williams’ scrum held it down though; it was tough, but some amazing front row action from props Denver “Captain Dee” Brown ’04, Lindsay “Hi Guys” Thomas ’06 and hooker Joey “I’m a Beast” Lloyd ’05, helped keep those hungry Canadians at bay, while backs Courtney “Shady Lady” Gordon ’05, Kristen “I like insects” Lacey ’04, Jordan Bates ’06 and Cecilia “Daisy Dukes” de la Campa ’06 took them to ground, tying up the ball and creating offensive opportunities for their team. The WWRFC played hard but in the end the Canadians, not having been fed in who knows how long, came out victorious. Final score: 0-35.

The WWRFC’s final match in the tournament was against Amherst. Neither team seemed too enthusiastic about playing in the rain before the game started, but once the whistle was blown and the drop kick marking the beginning of the match was in the air, both teams quickly forgot about the rain.

With low, quick and clean tackles flankers Nigina “I love me some Tatum’s” Turnbull ’04 and Izzi “New Mexican Cowgirl” Stone ’05 laid those Amherst girls out before they could even respond, proving that they were unprepared for the White Dawg’s scrum. In addition to the great scrum downs, there was great support in mauls and rucks by second row Beth “I’m quitting softball to play rugby” Mulligan ’05 and flanker Vicky “Did I do that?” Fernandez ’06. The impressive line continuity was slightly interrupted by the second half substitution of D-side wing Denise “But I’m a Prop” Nunes ’05. Although Massey scored a try in the first half of this match putting Williams ahead of Amherst, they came back and scored on a penalty kick. Final Score: 5-8.

The tough competition from the Alumni match last weekend followed by the Beantown two-day tournament at UMass-Amherst this weekend have set the pace and intensity for women’s rugby’s upcoming season. This Saturday, WWRFC will play its first home game against Wesleyan.

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