49 students to park in Greylock lot

After consulting with Barr & Barr, the construction company in charge of the ’62 Center for Theater and Dance, the College has decided to open 49 spaces in the complex’s parking garage to students.

“We originally anticipated an increased need in parking from the construction company,” Provost Cappy Hill said. “Barr & Barr just came back to us and said they wouldn’t need them.”

According to Dave Boyer, associate director of Security, the new spots will be allocated as soon as Security can order new parking decals for the garage. Students living in the Greylock Quad, Woodbridge and the Rectory will likely receive preference by seniority. “The people [in those buildings] have suffered through the construction project,” Boyer said.

The College made a similar decision in the spring of 2003, when changes in the construction timetable for Baxter freed 49 spaces for student parking. The spots were allocated in the spring with the stipulation that the College would review its parking needs in the garage each semester.

At the time, Barr & Barr anticipated needing 109 spaces this semester for workers’ vehicles. “This fall we expected a lot more construction workers on the theater. As it turns out, the crews will not be as large as anticipated this fall,” said Eric Beattie, director of Facilities Planning and Construction, who spoke with Barr & Barr. Beattie attributed the significant decrease in spaces needed to a “more accurate count.”

The original allocation of student spaces last year was the result of a Record news analysis that found that the College had, at minimum, 67 spaces to assign to students once all the construction projects were completed.

After meeting with the Record, Hill, Beattie and the College’s lawyer, Donald Dubendorf, said the parking situation would remain in flux as long as Stetson/Sawyer, Baxter and the Theater and Dance Complex remain under construction. However, they did grant 49 spaces to students last year, though they made no guarantees of future parking.

Following another Record inquiry this year, the College again looked at the construction needs and freed the 49 spaces, Beattie said. A discussion about students parking permanently in the garage is still several years away, but Beattie said the College will reanalyze the parking situation in December to determine how many spaces are needed for the spring of 2004. “By winter and spring we’ll be in a whole different phase of the project,” Beattie said.

When construction on Baxter will begin is still uncertain and thus will not have an impact on the spring semester. It is possible that construction could begin as early as June, but not until after commencement, when there are no student parking needs.

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