Dean’s, Provost’s Office to see administrative shifts

The College administration will undergo several changes for the upcoming school year that will shape the face of the Dean’s Office.

Associate Dean Stephen Sneed will be on leave from Williams for the 2003-2004 school year, as a result of his being awarded a Fulbright Fellowship. According to Dean Nancy Roseman, Sneed will be teaching and researching at the University of Malawi-Tomba in southern Africa,

In the past, he has worked with students interested in taking a leave of absence or transferring from the college in the past, in addition to serving as the direct link from the Dean’s Office to Security.

“This is not the first time that a member of the Dean’s Office has taken a professional leave, and here, as in those instances, the duties of that individual are spread among the office as it seems appropriate. In particular, Deans Norma Lopez, Johnson and Charlie Toomajian have assumed Dean Sneed’s duties,” Roseman said.

In addition to Sneed’s hiatus, the face of the Dean’s Office has undergone another change, as Dean Dave Johnson is now associate dean rather than an interim dean. In the previous year, his primary duties focused on first years. “My normal duties include working with the JAs and dealing with nearly all first-year issues. In addition, I oversee the first-year advising system and am involved in most other aspects of the office workday,” Johnson said.

Johnson will also take on expanded duties with Sneed’s absence. These will include sharing responsibility for all on-campus issues relating to disciplinary incidents with Dean Lopez and working with Dean Toomajian on processing student requests for withdrawals and re-admittance.

Johnson has already made an impact on the Dean’s Office, according to Roseman. “Dave Johnson has done an extraordinary job overseeing and improving the JA program. I believe the program is incredibly strong right now, and Dave’s leadership has been central to making it so.” Johnson has also served the College as an Art History conference professor and as the men’s tennis and squash coach.

The position of associate dean has traditionally been held by faculty members. “Faculty tend to rotate through the position for varying lengths of time. That variance depends on the Dean’s wishes, and the wishes of the faculty member holding that position,” Roseman said. “It is not a permanent appointment, but hopefully a long term one.”

As well as changes in the Dean’s Office, two other administrative re-appointments will affect the college this year. Cappy Hill will be taking approximately six months off from her position as Provost due to health reasons. Thomas Kohut, Sue and Edgar Wachenheim III professor of history and former Dean of the Faculty, will be filling in for Hill on an interim basis. William Lenhart, A. Barton Hepburn professor of computer science, will serve in Kohut’s former position as Dean of the Faculty, on a one and a half year term.

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