Letters: Sensitivity lacking

Steven Myers’ comments that were exhibited at the beginning of the “Letters” section of last week’s Record were truly absurd and disheartening. He questions the statistics of the occurrence of rape in America; he intellectualizes a problem which I believe to be wholly emotional and criminal. Mr. Myers’ narrow-mindedness is a perfect example of why the Williams Rape and Sexual Assault Network posts shocking statistics (one in six women will be raped in her lifetime) in the first place. What exactly was he trying to achieve with his comments? To spark debate? To invalidate the hard work of the Network? To emotionally assail those women who have survived assault? To encourage ignorance?

I am dumbfounded by this man’s deliberate insensitivity. I do not know how he could possibly think that sharing his calculations with the community could be a positive contribution in any way. In addition, how could he be so presumptuous as to define the ages of “prime rape risk” as 17 to 37? Sexual assault occurrences do not discriminate by age, race or socio-economic status; therefore, Mr. Myers’ calculations seem to be totally unfounded. I wish that I could take comfort in the old saying: “Don’t assume malice when stupidity will do.” However, I must then point out that the publishing of such a letter was irresponsible on the part of the Record staff. It seems to me that only the bona fide anti-feminist would take the time and energy to mathematically question the occurrence of such an atrocity as sexual assault and then publicly flaunt his depraved opinions on the matter.

Does anyone seriously believe that Steven Myers will be getting lucky in the near future?

Julia Sergeon ’05

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