Crew lackluster at ECAC Tournament

Women’s crew earned some redemption in the final race of the ECAC tournament last weekend in Camden, N.J., by finally putting together a race reminiscent of the team’s dominance of recent years. Unfortunately, the race came at the very end of a weekend that did not resemble the dominance of Williams crew in recent years.

In its first race, the women’s varsity eight (Liz Remus ’04, Elizabeth VanHeuvelen ’05, Emma Herries ’03, Meaghan Rathvon ’06, Abigail Wattley ’05, Liz Mygatt ’03, Anne Lewis ’04, stroke: Liz Killien ’06, cox: Rachel Outman ’05) finished third with a time of 7:07.87.

This finish put the Ephwomen into the first semifinal, where a top-3 finish would have earned the boat a spot in the Grand Final. The team was beaten to the finish, however, by the University of New Hampshire, Gonzaga and Colby and were kept out of the Grand Final.

In the Petite Final, the Ephwomen rowed a solid race beating the other five boats to the finish by over two-and-a-half seconds.

“We were disappointed that we didn’t make the final, but we had the race of our season in the petite and we were very happy with how we rowed,” Remus said. “There’s a lot of satisfaction in finally rowing as well as we could.”

Indeed, the boat’s time in the Petite Final of 6:59.77 would have been good for second in the Grand Final behind only Gonzaga had the team qualified for the latter race.

The men’s varsity eight (Mark Rothlisberger ’03, Matt Webster ’04, Steven Scroggins ’04, Aron Chang ’05, Will Cary ’05, Luke Hyde ’03, Emil Peinert ’05, stroke: Chris Flynn ’04, cox: Hayley Horowitz ’04) failed to reach either the Grand or Petite Final, settling instead for a fourth place finish in the 3rd level semifinal with a time of 6:21.61.

“I think we had a lot more speed in that boat than we showed in the racing,” Scroggins said. “Obviously, we are here to race and so our performance leaves a pretty bitter taste in my mouth.”

The junior varsity women (Kacey Houston ’05, Liz Hatcher ’04, Leisa Rothlisberger ’05, Phoebe Fischer-Groban ’06, Amy Katzen ’05, Chrissy Milkosky ’04, Macy Radloff ’06, stroke: Emily Joiner ’05, cox: Emily Perry ’05) finished second in the Petite Final with a time of 7:37.32.

Over on the novice side, the women’s novice boat (Nora Mattell ’06, Whitney Johnson ’06, Jess Marinaccio ’06, Carrie Miller ’06, Kate Sauerhoff ’06, Ellissa Popoff ’06, Caroline Anderson ’06, stroke: Elizabeth Woodwick, cox: Ashlee Martinez ’06) finished first in the Petite final with a time of 7:23.54.

“We were really happy with the way our finals race went,” Popoff said. “I think that if we could have raced the same way in the first race, we would have ended up in the Grand Finals. Overall, the regatta left us with a feeling of success finishing off the season.”

The novice men’s boat (Tom Kelly ’06, Alejandro Acosta ’06, Patrick Spellane ’06, Carl Naden ’06, Seth Daniels ’06, Jeremy Wertzer ’06, David Allen ’06, stroke: James Brittin ’06, cox: Maggie Carr ’06) finished atop the Petite Final with a time of 6:23.79.

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