WWRFC loses to Amherst

Women’s rugby loss to Amherst on Saturday was great: 0-25 for the A-side and 0-15 for B-side, the conditions were not pleasant and the opponents at times were dirty.

The White Dawgs had to wake up at the ungodly hour of 4 a.m. to drive to the Amherst pitch for the game. The second affront was the cryptic directions which got half of the team lost; they were provided by the Amherst match secretary, of course.

Once the White Dawgs finally arrived, the location was switched to the football field. They were smart enough to cover the dangerous sprinkler heads that littered the sides of the field with cones to prevent injury to the White Dawgs’ bodies.

The Williams A-side started off strong and the Amherst team frequently made the mistake of knocking on the ball, giving the White Dawgs an advantage. Katherine Gortz ’03 and Courtney Gordon ’05 both stopped the infamous 7-year-senior, who we lovingly refer to as “Barbie,” in her tracks with awesome tackles, but the Amherst team still managed to score. For the entire game, they were unable to make any of their conversion kicks, not even when right between the uprights.

During the end of the first half, one of Amherst’s jumpers viciously elbowed Williams jumper and second row, Isabelle Stone ’05 in the head, knocking her out of the game. She was replaced with K. Lashaun Mays ’03 who made some great jumps. Having gotten away with it several times already, the same Amherst jumper once again attempted homicide midair.

In a poor show of sportsmanship, Amherst decided to trample the hand of Tamika Murray ’03. Murray pulled through and still played hard as ever, much to the Donkeys’ dismay.

During halftime, after an inspirational speech by captains Jennifer Foss-Feig ’04 and Murray, the White Dawgs came back into the game thirsting for blood. The Williams line and scrum were working well together and the Donkeys couldn’t manage to catch the ball with their clumsy hooves. Williams received ownership as a result of Amherst incompetence and Gordon was able to punt the ball over the 50 yard line in her sixth successful kick of the game.

The Donkeys’ luck held, though. After being scored on so many times an inspirational cheer from the Williams B-side helped to reinvigorate the White Dawgs. Emily “Private Dancer” Peirnet ’06, Joanna “That’s So Good” Loyd ’05 and Joanna “Tricky” Westrich’06 played phenomenally but it just wasn’t enough to keep the Donkeys at bay.

The next time Amherst scored, the coach had to help the kicker with the conversion which she still missed. Earlier in the game, Amherst got a little too comfortable, and in the most ungraceful play of the season, their star player, Barbie, knocked on the ball, tripped herself, and fell flat on her face while trying to make a kick. In another display of oafishness, two Amherst players ran into each other.

The Williams B-side played an extremely strong game. The scrum was so powerful it drove right over the Donkeys in rucks and scrum downs. Jordan “Bust Them Down” Bate ’06 soared as a jumper and stole many lineouts, off an Amherst hooker had difficulties throwing the ball in straight.

After several questionable penalty calls, the Williams B-side was understandably a little frustrated. The B-side also had to face the fact that the Amherst players preferred to tackle before the White Dawgs could get their hands on the ball riding against them.

Nevertheless, Akilah “Let’s Get Dirty” Rogers ’04 and Vivian “Destroyer” Djen ’05 continued to play their game and make strong tackles. Kristyn “K-mart” Brentz ’06, gave one Amherst girl a “blue-light special,” a move that kept the Amherst girl from standing for a while and, more importantly, from scoring on us again.

Megan “Damn!” Saffold ’06 had the Amherst girls shaking in their cleats after over eight powerfully successful tackles. Starting A-side Gortz came in for Gordon as fullback after the second half of the B-side game and proved she has both amazing scrum and line skills by making several tackles, kicks and helping Williams gain yards on the field.

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