White Dawgs whip Black Donkeys, 17-13

After four years of collegiate rugby, the seniors on the WRFC have many memories. It was imperative that they lead their teammates to victory against the Amherst Black Donkeys in the final game of their careers. And lead their team to victory they did, as they beat the Black Donkeys 17-13.

Williams received the kickoff and with the wind on their backs and the fury of their ancestors in their stomachs, they took the ball and they marched up the field. Notoriously sluggish in the first minutes of play, the White Dawgs stopped some early drives from the Amherst side and carried the ball within meters of the Donkeys’ try line.

The Dawgs decided to play it safe and turned their fates over to their kicker, Galen Thorp ’04. Thorp set up the ball, stepped back a few meters, tossed some grass in the air, crossed himself, kissed his rabbit’s foot, spoke in tongues and finally launched the ball through the midpoint of the goalposts. The Dawgs were winning, three to nothing.

It wasn’t going to be a cakewalk. After the kickoff, the inside center for the Donkeys, perhaps offsides, picked off a pass from the Williams line. With no one in support, he lumbered into the try zone. After the kicker shanked one of seven missed kicks on the day, the WRFC men knew that despite their temporary set-back, things were looking good for Williams.

From the opening whistle, the White Dawgs set the tone with their hyper-aggressive play. The Donkeys found the ball and began experimenting to find weak spots in the Williams defense. None were to be found. Runners off the scrum found themselves enveloped by David Brenninkmeyer ’03 or under the collapsed height of Mike “Blackout” Ebell ’03.

The Donkey line also received no mercy. Allegedly the team’s best player, Amherst’s outside center and line captain was smothered by the White Dawg centers before he could reach the gain line. This early aggression immobilized him as a threat and the poor Donkey played as if someone had kicked him in the ribs.

The key to this game was continuity and the Dawgs were out to prove that they would not turn the ball over by any means necessary. The Williams men scored two more tries before the half was over and converted both of them, giving them 17 points at the half. Amherst lagged behind with 10.

The second half was slower than the first. The Donkeys spent a lot of effort kicking the ball out of bounds so that Williams wouldn’t run up the score. The Donkeys managed to squeak in one more try before the game was over, but they never sustained enough offense to even the score.

In a show of good will, the White Dawgs congratulated the Black Donkeys before stripping them of their pride and jerseys. Elated, the team huddled around their seniors and reveled in the victory. However, the A-Side celebration could not last long, for it was time for the B-Siders to compete against Amherst’s B-side. The Donkey’s ‘B-side’ included many of their A-Side starters, even their captain. The Killer B’s were not deterred though; they had come to expect this from a school founded by a thief and an alleged practitioner of biological warfare.

It was a lopsided affair. The huge White Dawg scrum was bolstered by the massive Andrew “Kaiser” Bisset ’06 and Sam “I Am” Sawan ’06, who dislocated his shoulder while ruining three Donkey scrummies at once. The line’s power was found in the quick hands of John Arendshorst ’04 who managed to score a try before he was taken out by a Donkey fist to the ribs. Ben “Crabs” Fleming ’04 also had a tremendous game, dragging multiple Donkeys downfield as they tried to tackle him. All in all, the Donkeys lost handily 27-7, 31 shirtless Donkeys walked off the field is shame, their jerseys now adorned on the Dawgs.

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