JV LAX season concludes with victory

Men’s JV lacrosse closed off its regular season last Friday with an impressive 12-5 victory against Berkshire County. Led by returning players Parrish Isaacs ’03, Justin Dittrich ’03, Jon Hatoun ’03, Chris Ryan ’04, George Adams ’04, Steve Smith ’05, Jon Siff ’05 and Adam Kollender ’05, the Ephs closed out the season with a 12-5 drubbing of Berkshire County.

The strong core of returning players, along with newcomers Ryan Belmont ’05, Evan Bick ’06, Jay Bid ’06, Jonathan Brajtbord ’06, Mike Connor ’06, Dave Conyers ’04, Blake Goebel ’05, Mark Hobel ’05, Bryan LaPlant ’06, Steve Moseley ’05, Kyle Skor ’05 and Scott Malish ’05, all contributed to the victory on Friday. Coaches Bill Kangas and Freeden Oeur ’03 also deserve credit for their efforts to bring the team together, creating perhaps one of the best JV lacrosse teams Williams has had in recent memory, despite only winning one game.

The squad started what would become their most impressive game and only victory of the season with a goal in the first few minutes of the game. This opening acore by Isaacs set the tone for the rest of the game and by halftime the men were up 9-0. With such a commanding lead going into the second half, the team attempted to have every player score in the final game.

Though this effort was not quite successful, the game featured impressive goal-scoring. Isaacs, the Ephs’ sharp-shooting attackman, was lethal all day in front of the net, piling up four goals to give him seven in the last two games. Adams and Kollender, who each had two impressive tallies, continually left the goalie with nothing more to do but hang his head as he saw the ball in the back of the net.

As for the other goal scorers: Ryan fired off a shot which almost knocked the goalie back into the net before it went in and Goebels left the keeper with no chance as his well-timed shot flew past Berkshire County’s helpless netminder. With perhaps one of the best double spin moves of the year, Hatoun fired a beauty past the keeper to record his first goal of the season. Bid also scored for the first time this season.

In the end, the victory was a fitting way for seniors Isaacs, Dittrich and Hatoun to conclude their collegiate careers. “It was a nice way to wrap up our season. We’d played well in our other games, but just didn’t have the experience to pull out the wins, so it was great to put it all together,” Adams said. “It was fun to see Parrish, Dittrich and Hatoun have such good games to close out their careers.”

The victory against Berkshire County was the men’s first of the season, although there could easily have been more. Two close losses to Franklin County really showed the ability of the team: the first was an 8-7 loss which was decided by dubious refereeing that left the Ephs down two men in the final minute of the game, and the second a 6-4 defeat in which the Ephs had numerous scoring chances but just could not put the ball into the back of the net.

To end the season, men’s and women’s JV LAX played their annual end-of-the-year game against one another on Saturday. This traditional game featured the men and women trading sticks for the game. The contest, as always, was a blast, the men ultimately scraping by with a 5-3 win.

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