News Brief: injuries in weekend car crash raise old road safety concerns

A Williams student was taken to the hospital early Friday morning after her car crossed over the centerline and collided with a patrol car carrying two state troopers. Officers Michael Lewis and Daniel Cenicola sustained minor injuries and were treated and released, but the student suffered a more serious injury to her left foot.

The crash happened in the town of Hoosick at around 3 a.m. on a section of Route 7 near Tibbets Forest. Locals noted a substantial dip in that section of the road that could have been a significant factor in the incident. Crossing over the dip could have caused the student driver to lose control of her vehicle, even while traveling at a reasonable speed. Although the site is marked with a warning sign, the underlying support in the area is eroding, causing the spot to become an increasingly dangerous problem in the last few weeks.

All three people were wearing seatbelts and police say that alcohol was not involved in the accident.

Williamstown officers make two arrests involving drug charges

At around 12:58 p.m. on Friday afternoon, Officer Scott McGowan stopped a white Nissan for speeding at 52 mph through a posted 35 mph zone.

While conducting the citation, McGowan noticed that the driver of the vehicle was repeatedly reaching under the passenger side front seat. When McGowan approached the driver and asked him to step from the car, the driver refused and instead rolled up the windows and locked the door.

After becoming verbally hostile with McGowan and his back-up officer Mike Ziemba, the driver exited the car and shoved McGowan before attempting to flee the scene. The two officers struggled to subdue the suspect and managed to place him in handcuffs. The officers found nine small plastic bags of white powder on the ground where the struggle took place, which were later tested and confirmed to be cocaine.

The driver was charged with Possession of Class B with intent to distribute, two counts of assault and battery on a police officer, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, speeding and failing to wear a seatbelt. He is currently being held at the Williamstown Police Station on $500.00 bail.

On Sunday, at approximately 1:01 a.m. Officer Kevin Garner arrested a 19-yr-old student walking down Hoxsey Street, carrying a plastic cup of beer. During the booking procedure, the student was also discovered to be carrying a bag of marijuana.

He was arrested for Person Under 21 Possessing Alcoholic Beverage, Open Container Violation and Illegal Possession of Class D-marijuana and will be released for court today.

CC passes new funding bylaw

At a meeting last Wednesday, College Council (CC) passed a new bylaw clarifying previous questions over Minority Coalition (MinCo)’s ability to request funding from CC.

According to Mike Henry ’04, CC co-president and former treasurer, all student groups begin in a position where they may make requests from the CC general fund, which makes up about 10 percent of CC’s total budget. After two years, groups can choose to go into a MinCo funding group or a CC subgroup. CC subgroups may request from the subgroup fund, which makes up about 80-85 percent of CC’s budget.

MinCo groups receive funding from the Dean’s Office. In addition, larger groups, like the BSU and Aasia, also have their own endowments.

In the past, there has been no specific bylaw allowing groups that choose to go to MinCo to request money from the general fund. The new bylaw specifies that MinCo groups, or any student group recognized by the College, will be allowed to make such requests. It is understood that CC should not be the primary source of MinCo group funding, since such groups can also receive funds from MinCo, and it is expected that the larger MinCo organizations are not likely to come to CC with requests.

Henry said the rationale behind the decision is that every student, including minority students, must pay a student activities tax that goes into CC funds. Therefore, every student group, including those in MINCO, should be able to make requests from the general fund.

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