White Dawgs run all over Wild Roses

This past weekend, biting cold, cutting wind and torrential rain failed to put a damper on the WWRFC’s enthusiasm to play their first rugby game of the season against the University of Hartford Wild Roses. After traveling for hours to the city of Hartford, Conn., the Williams team arrived on the pitch to discover it covered in worm-laden, ankle-deep mud that was as thick as paste. Rather than cancel, the decision was made to play two 25-minute halves with uncontested scrum downs.

The wind and rain wouldn’t let up for the entire game but neither would the White Dawgs in an inspiring (albeit messy) display, proving that girls who don’t play like delicate flowers really know how to weather a storm.

The first 25-minute half was off to an intense and exciting start for Williams when A-side wing, Courtney “Former Shady Lady” Gordon ’05 proved she could run almost as fast as she drives when she came nail-bitingly close to scoring a try. Line captain, Tamika “dancer/rugger extraordinaire” Murray ’03, well known for her gazelle-like grace and Emmitt Smith plays, also came extremely close to scoring on several occasions.

However, it was only a matter of time before a virgin try was acquired by Kara “Hardnosed Hustler” Wiess ’05 with an assist from Kristen “Not so Speshul” Lacey ’04, who later went on to make some great kicks, chases and runs.

The second try was made by scrum half Angelica “stiff-arm-star” Rodriguez ’05, who had no trouble getting the Hartford girls to move and “get out the way” off of a penalty play. Wiess then got her hands on another two points for the team when she made a conversion kick off of Angelica’s try. While all of the A-side played a stellar game, Vicky “Deuce” Bock ’04, Cecilia “A-side Line Debutante” De la Campa ’06, Katie “Car Killerino” Gortz ’03 and Denise “How Stella got her Scrum Cap?” Nunes ’05 were especially on top of their games.

An especially moving show of sportsmanship occurred when one of Hartford’s players was injured and rather than play a man down, they requested a player from our team. Nicole “Dedicated Dynamite” Perkins ’05 stepped up to the plate and proved her versatility and skills by moving seamlessly from the position of flanker to wing.

For the second half, the Killer Bs played phenomenally. Even after the Williams B-side was scored on twice by Hartford’s A-side, they never gave up and guarded the line with all of their strength. If this game was an indicator of things to come, great things are surely in store for these talented newcomers this season. They were covered from head to toe with mud, tackling, passing and running like it was second nature.

Any Hartford girl who tried to get past the WWRFC B-side players, especially Jordan “Bust Them Down” Bate ’06, Akilah “Let’s Get Dirty” Rogers ’04, Vivian “Destroyer” Djen ’05, Emily “Private Dancer” Peirnet ’06 and Kristyn “K-mart” Brentz ’06, were just blue-light-shopping for trouble. Also playing powerfully in their first ever rugby game were Megan “The Mauler” O’Malley ’06, Ester “Merciless” Muntonyi ’06, Sarah “So-Scary” Palladino ’06, and Liz “Let Me At ‘em” Sewell ’06.

In the end, their determination paid off when the whistle was blown and the Williams White Dawgs had won, 12-10. Clearly, the season is off to a great start for the WWRFC and this game was a vivid reminder of what rugby is all about: playing hard, getting dirty and most importantly, having incredible fun. If not even the most miserable weather conditions could discourage or dishearten this team, it is very doubtful anything will.

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