The Artist Formerly Known As: Lucas Goodbody

So I hear you had a show last night with your band, Papa’s Delicate Condition. How did it go?

It was a great show, we had a lot of people show up.

It was for the Jewish party?

It was a party for the JRC, with a frat boy theme; we played for two hours and had a good time

So who else plays in PDC, and how would you characterize the band’s style?

The band is Ian Schulte [’06] on guitar, Daniel Krass [’05] on vocals and keyboard, Matt Stankiewicz [’04] on drums and vocals and myself on bass and vocals. Right now we’re playing covers. . . mainly classic rock, funk, a little bit of soul. We try to play music that a lot of people like to dance to and have a good time to – I guess you could say we’re a party band.

So you play the bass in the band?

I picked it up when I was a freshman, which you are well aware of, since you felt its rumblings in Williams B next door to me. So I play in this band, but I’ve been playing drums a lot longer than electric bass, so I mix up playing bass and drums.

You mostly play drums in jazz groups – there was a concert recently. . .

That was Friday night, I played for the big band and a couple of small ensembles, and I had the pleasure of sitting in with a pretty famous jazz musician named Lewis Porter. . . he was a guest at the concert, we played a couple of his compositions – I was with Matt Ellis [’03] , Liliana Goldman [’03], Dave Goodman [’03] and Matt Swan [’03].

Do you see yourself pursuing music as a career?

I don’t know; we’re trying to put together a band to play cruise ships over the summer. . . I think I’m crazy enough to pursue something like that. I’d love to do it but it’d be tough to make it in the music business right now, it’s pretty [bad].

Playing cruise ships would be pretty sweet.

It would be a great transition out of college – give me time to relax and put together a plan of attack for the world.

And lots of bikinis as well would be fringe benefits, huh?

Well, that is a perk.

What do you enjoy more, playing jazz or rock music?

Right now I enjoy playing the bass more, because it uses a combination of the rhythm that you get playing the drums and it also has tone. Everyone can feel the sound of the bass, it makes your belly curl up and wanna do the freakydeaky!

When’s the last time you did the freakydeaky?

This morning!

Mmmm, I’m jealous. So I hear that you have Tourette’s Syndrome? You seem to constantly be emitting random noises and phrases – why is this?

Uhhh, arghhhhh, hahahaha, shh’mon guys! Koko, we all have our shortcomings – for instance, you write restaurant reviews but all you cook is hot dogs and sausage. What’s up with that?

I’m not going to dignify that question with a response.

So one good thing I’ve noticed in watching you perform is that you really show your emotion and passion for the music as you play it, both on stage and in 3 a.m. bass odysseys in your room. Is music something that’s constantly running through your head?

Definitely. Think about it, how much of your brain is wasted with useless song lyrics that you’ve memorized? I tend to think about music and listen to it all the time. Savor it, baby, you know?

So tell me Goody, who is your number-one ichiban favorite influence?

Ah, well with the bass it would have to be Jaco Pastorius, he single-handedly revolutionized the sounds of the electric bass. He also had an interesting life, which was ended abruptly when a bouncer beat him to death outside of a nightclub.

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