Letters: Student group bud-gets now online

I wish to congratulate and thank College Council for putting last year’s self audits and this year’s budgets for every student group online at http://wso.williams.edu/cc/CCPages/CCBudget.html.

For the first time ever, students are finally able to see exactly where their Student Activities Tax (SAT) funds go.

Spearheaded by current CC treasurer and president-elect Mike Henry, this project must have taken a lot of time to compile and put on the Web. However, making this information public will greatly benefit the student body since groups will be further encouraged to act fiscally responsibly as their financial records are now online for all to see.

I hope in the future College Council can take the next step and make the SAT-funded student groups’ monthly PeopleSoft statements accessible to students as well.


Drew Newman ’04

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