Letters: Crowd unruly

Congratulations to our men’s basketball team. Both teams played well on Saturday night, and it was thrilling to watch Williams pull through. But even in the midst of all the excitement, I often found myself cringing, embarrassed to be sitting among the Williams fans.

As is too often the case at our sporting events, a significant portion of the cheers and chants were attempts to insult the other team, not to support our own. I would hope that we would hold ourselves to a higher standard.

Win or lose, we should strive to conduct ourselves gracefully. Supporting our athletic teams is great, but taunting our opponents reflects poorly on us and is completely unnecessary. School pride is celebrating our achievements, not demeaning others.

Both teams worked incredibly hard to get as far as they did, and we should be sensitive to the fact that it must have been a disappointing end to their season. Whether on the field or on the sidelines, we should do our best to bring pride to the great institution that we love and represent.

Liz Remus ’04

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