Town measure incorrectly reported by Record

The Record’s coverage of the Williamstown resolution to condemn war in Iraq in the March 4 issue begins by reporting that registered town voters passed the measure “in a close vote.” There were close to three hundred people who supported it, and about twenty who opposed it. With all due respect, this cannot be called close. The North Adams Transcript made a similar error, reporting that the resolution had passed 179-120, when in fact these numbers reflect the results of a vote on an amendment to the final wording. To the Record’s credit, your article does report this correctly. It is, nevertheless, wholly inaccurate to claim that the vote on the resolution itself was anywhere near close.

As for the repeated criticism that those who attended the meeting represented only a minority of registered town voters: that’s true. Those who bothered to vote in the last presidential election also represented a minority of U.S. voters. That does not change the fact that those who voted are the ones whose voices were counted (well, I’m not going to get into chads and the electoral college in such a small space…).

Erik Wobus

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